You Are Not Alone

November 28, 2017


You Are Not Alone

There, in the distance, can you hear it? Can you feel in your bones, the emotion
that is being poured out into the ethers? Can you hear the collective sigh being
released after what feels like more than two thousand years, adding power to the
winds of change? If you close your eyes, do you see thousands of faces emerging
from the shadows? Do you hear your heartbeat, your voice, your story being
echoed in the sea of endless women and men? Breathe. Place your hands upon
your heart and feel the pulse of life flow through you… you are here with me. In
this moment, you are present. You are alive. You are a survivor. You are not alone.
And now, in this time and in this place, I see you. I feel you. I hear you. I honor
you for your strength of spirit and your fearlessness to rise every day and take in
your beautiful and divine breath. Exhale. Release. Relax. Let go. For you are
sacred. You are protected. I am honored to stand with you.

I have been moved to tears. I have been engulfed in anger. I have been numb,
confused, and saddened. I have felt hope. I have felt heard. I have felt validation,
inspiration, and encouraged. Most importantly, I have felt that I am not alone. In a
world that can feel upside down a lot of the time, there is a shift that is beginning
to take place. It will take many years to complete, but the movement has started,
and that is a beautiful and powerful thing.

So many emotions have been filling my heart as women have been recounting
their stories in small circles and online. Men and women have been reaching out,
offering support, and cheering strangers on for their bravery as they expose their
darkest experiences to the world. They have been offering a safe place to share
their painful memories in order to reclaim their voice, their bodies, and their souls.
It has also been beautiful to see words of love and encouragement to recognize
those who remain silent and do not wish to share their stories for their own private
reasons. The open secrets and darkness have been exposed and now, after
thousands of years, I have hope as I feel the shift in weight of this collapsing

As empowering and encouraging as this movement has been, it is overwhelming at
times. These posts are not just stories. They are pieces of so many souls that are
?being brought out into the light so we may bear witness to their horrors of
experience. As the voices are raised, we are given the honor for so many to
transform as a survivor. We are lucky to bear witness to the birth of fearless grace
and beauty. Each soul shines as the voice rises and reclaims their story in such a
raw and poetic way. Reading the words, we can feel the pain, guilt, and shame
transform into bravery, strength, and love.

If we scratch beneath the surface of what is going on during this awakening and
reclaiming, we are giving voice to our mothers, grandmothers and great
grandmothers, and all of the women who came before them. For centuries, women
have suffered, been suppressed, and exploited. As we reach in and clean the debris
from our wounded body and soul, we are also healing all of the women who came
before us. As we cried, they cried. As we heal, they heal. As we rise, they rise. As
we move from victim to survivor, we learn to heal and stand again. Now, it is time
for evolution. It is time now to reclaim our sovereignty. The time is now to rise and
embody the full strength of our spirit and our divinity. With the love and support
for all of the women who came before us, we have the ability, love, support, and
duty to write the script of our own lives. It is now our job to take control of our
lives and live it to the fullest without the shame, guilt and fear.

Take a moment and breathe that in. We are the ones who our ancient grandmothers birthed.
We are here now to live in this time of great change so we can rise up with our heart and shine
our light in our Divine power. We are the ones who we have been waiting for. Let
us continue to unite. Let us continue to unbind ourselves from what used to be and
what has been so harmful. Let us rise together, women and men, in perfect love
and perfect trust as we continue to shine our light and lead the way for humanity’s
transformation. All it takes is an outstretched hand, love, compassion,
understanding, and a willingness to listen so others can be heard without
judgement. This is how we change the world. This is how we take control of our
own destiny and evolve. I am ready to walk with you. You are not alone. Are you
ready to take my hand?

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