Journey Back to Yourself with Pierre & Sue

July 10, 2019

July 31, 2019 @ 7:00 pm – 9:30 pm


Journey Back to Yourself – The Balance and Strength You Need to Move Forward with Sue Angelo & Pierre-andre Etienne

Do you feel physically and emotionally drained?
Do you feel totally burnt out?
Come journey back into balance!
Feed your soul the nourishment it needs.

Learn new skills in community to build hope and support each other in moving forward. Come back to yourself. Come back into community. Your guides, Pierre and Sue, will bring you a special toolkit of healing movement, sound, vibration, and rhythm practices, as well as ancient Shamanic and Traditional Chinese Medicine
to help you journey within and develop the foundational skills you need to root, ground, and find your center. You will learn life-changing skills to deal with today’s current 5th dimension energy and rise out of fear with greater confidence and a refreshed curiosity for life. Discover how to be present with your whole self and with others in a totally new way!

Only 12 spots available; Cost :$60, please call or drop by the shop to register 781-665-8844.

Pierre-andre Etienne, BS, CSCS bio –
I love to study the human body and how it heals. I have discovered and studied so many valuable perspectives and unique approaches and am combining these models to inform and create a bigger scope I name: embodiment.
People come to me because they feel stuck or are in pain. I help my clients understand the interactions of their emotions, perspectives, and spirit, and how these can manifest as various issues in the body when they’re out of alignment. I create a learning space within which my clients can understand how what is presenting physically is not solely a physical issue, but an interaction between the parts of themselves. I help them figure out how to navigate these parts,
so they can shift the relationship to one that makes them feel better and empowers them to evolve in the direction they want. This understanding creates more choices regarding how they can best heal and thrive. I’m always amazed by what can be accomplished during this process! My background includes a B.S. in Exercise Physiology, Four Forces Interpersonal and Group Facilitator training, Shamanic healing, Afro-Haitian dance and Traditional Chinese Medicine.
I am greatly influenced by the many pioneers of embodiment. My “Embody to Evolve” approach and services are my way of moving this school of thought forward, developing it, and showing people just how many ways there are to heal and thrive. Most of all, embodiment is about connectedness, both to ourselves and to each other.

Sue Angelo, Shamanic Spirit Song bio –
Shamanic Spirit Song was inspired by seeing the deep need for people to connect to their hearts and Mother Earth. By connecting our own heartbeats to the heartbeat of the Earth, the awareness that we are all intertwined and one with nature is palpable. Through this awareness of the world, spirit and consciousness around us, transformation, joy and a fully expressed life is inevitable.

Sue believes being witnessed and held in community amplifies the healing and change we all crave. By partnering with each other and nature, this work can be done more powerfully and gracefully.

For many years, Sue lived by survival instinct and fear. Ten years ago, Sue reached a turning point. Sue like many found herself seeking more joy, meaning and a healthier relationship with herself and others. Though indigenous and shamanic teachings her life has been profoundly changed and now she is inspired to work with others committed to realizing their authentic selves and deepest desires.

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