Adding Color and Crystals To Your Healing Practice with Renee Bedard

October 16, 2020

November 15, 2020 @ 7:00 pm – 9:15 pm


Color can be worked with in a variety of ways in our healing work. Through meditation, visualization, and even candle colors and the clothes we wear, we can intentionally work with color in our daily lives.

Many practices incorporate light rays of color and crystals into their work. Psychic light or energy can be called upon in a variety of colors and methods. Meditation, visualization, and even candle colors and the clothes we wear can intentionally invoke a specific vibration. Color can express what we are feeling, what we are in need of, and can be added to our daily lives. Crystals can also be a wonderful ally to help us in our work. Simply holding a stone or placing it on a shelf will not do the work for us. Like color, it is the active participation with a stone that helps us in our goals, especially when we come to understand its energy.

In this class, we will explore the different energies colors and crystals hold and different ways to work with these tools. Each color ray and crystal may feel differently from person to person. As a result, we will find that we gravitate towards some more than others. That is okay. We all perceive things differently. Exploring what works best for you helps you understand yourself and those you are working with. The more we understand the tools and ourselves, we will know what we can call upon in each unique healing session and in our own lives.

We will have two meditations in this class. One to work with the color rays and the other to work with the crystals. Please feel free to have a journal handy for notes in class and messages from your meditations.

Class fee – $40.00, this class is happening via Zoom. Please call the shop to register at 781-665-8844 and you will receive an email link to the class once you have registered.

Renee Bedard is a Reiki Master Teacher and Psychic Intuitive, Channel, Mentor, Teacher & Writer that has been practicing publicly for over a decade.

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