Alchemy of Transformation: A Strategic Formula for Your Success

September 3, 2019

September 14, 2019 @ 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm


Nicole touched on this program in a seminar at ZuZu’s Summer Expo this past July; if you’d like to experience the full class, join us and Nicole will lead you through detailed outlines & exercises focusing on the Personal Empowerment Program and the 5 Pillars of Success:

Learn what the 5 Pillars of Success are and how to bring them all in to balance in the proper sequence, specifically for what YOU need in your life RIGHT NOW! Learn how to unleash your true potential to obtain everything you want out of life with easy to incorporate exercises, techniques that work instantaneously, and create the reality that you have been striving for. There is no ONE THING that makes it happen, but a series of things that must come into proper balance to create your dream life. Nicole’s signature process has proven time and time again the alchemical formula for total transformation and total success!

Learn how to bring balance to the 5 Pillar Areas:

? Positioning

? Mindset

? Relationships

? Prosperity & Abundance

You *must* pre-register for this class by stopping by or calling ZuZu’s at 781-665-8844; cost is $65 and is due at time of registration.

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