Animal Communication Readings with Catharine Grace

November 1, 2023

June 15, 2024 @ 11:00 am – 5:00 pm

My name is Catharine Grace and I have been an Animal Communicator for the past 14 years. I am clairvoyant, clairaudient and extremely empathic.  In 2009 I earned my Reiki Master’s degree with Ulie Dettling of Arlington Reiki Association. I also learned Reiki from Lourdes Grey of the John Harvey Reiki School. For two years Danielle MacKinnon was my incredible mentor and teacher in animal communication. I have also studied with Amelia Kinkade, Tony Stockwell, John Holland and Lauren Rainbow.  I will provide detailed information about your animal and what your animal needs most from you.  I also can provide medical intuitive and mediumship for people too.   In the past I have worked with businesses such as Flow Dog physical therapy center, Pawsitive Dog training as well as the 6-Shooters equestrian club.

Join ZuZu’s on this date for Animal Communication sessions with Catharine Grace! You can book a 15m/$30, 30m/$60, 45m/$90 and 60m/$120. Please call the shop to book an appointment at 781-665-8844, do NOT bring your animal, just photos please. Walk-ins are also welcome for appointments. 

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