Astrology 101 with Sam Belyea

December 12, 2019

January 11, 2020 @ 11:00 am – 5:00 pm


Saturday, Jan 11th – Astrology 101 Class, 11-5pm, $175

    The study of watching the stars, planets and luminaries is an ancient practice. In modern times, we have forgotten that Astrology extends beyond the Sun Sign and beyond the cycles of the Moon; Astrology reaches into the essence of our body and spirit. During this course, we will cover the fundamental concepts of Astrological practice: planets, signs, houses and aspects from a physical and metaphysical perspective. There will be plenty of time to analyze specific examples from your personal chart, review example charts and go through some basic meditations to connect with the spiritual components of the astro-energies at work in natal and transitory interpretations. Each student will receive a free copy of their birth chart in addition to helpful cheat sheets that will make astrological study easier (birth date, place and exact birth times should be provided before the course). Please call ahead to register 781-665-8844

    About Sam:

Sam Belyea is an international consultative astrologer who has been honing his relationship with the planets and signs for over a decade. When he is not providing sessions, he is writing, teaching or learning about Astrology. His approach to the planetary path is metaphysical, psychological and medical. Sam weaves together modern, Medieval and Hellenistic interpretations of what the skies have to offer us. Never without a clever wordplay or funny anecdote, He believes in teaching from both experience and humor. For more information about Sam, check out his active social media profiles on Instagram and Facebook as well as his website at


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