Bone Readings Divination with Justice the Wizard

February 21, 2019

March 2, 2019 @ 11:00 am – 5:00 pm
ZuZu's Healing Artts, Inc.
122 West Emerson St.
MA 02476


Justice is back at ZuZu’s on this date to offer his Bone Readings – appointments are 15min/$30, 30min/$60, 60min/$120. Call ZuZu’s to schedule at 781-665-8844.

More about Justice:
Justice has been intuitively gifted since childhood. His formative years were haunted by the loss of several close family members, which forced him to confront the powers of Death and the Spirit World. This engendered deep psychic knowledge of past lives, future events, and heightened his empathic and synesthetic abilities. Justice truly works within a world of real magic with the Ancestors, Angels, Faerie, and Spirits of the Land. During his professional career Justice has led several workshops, spiritual retreats, and public rituals in his home state of Michigan. Heeding the messages of his Spirits, he decided to move to Salem to further pursue his heart’s desire: to work as a spiritual worker and diviner for the public.
As a Diviner and medium for the spirits, Justice is Salem’s only public Bone-Reader. He also reads with The Heraldic Lenormand by Spiritus Arcanum and other diverse divining tools, depending on the needs of the client. Justice’s readings tune in on personal energies and focus on the messages from the Spirit World that the client is meant to hear. Those who have experienced his readings describe his energy as balancing and transformative, finding his approach to be non-judgemental and accepting.
As a Spiritual Worker, Justice’s practice draws upon several traditions, most importantly the wealth of traditional folklore about witchcraft and magic from the old world to the new, including North American conjure and rootwork, and modern Sabbatic Craft. His art is also deeply influenced by the mystery religions and grimoires of the Mediterranean and Near East- practices derived from Ancient Pagan and Abrahamic religions alike.
Above all else, beyond the tools and traditions, Justice believes that authenticity and a genuine spirit is the true key to the Art of Magic and Craft of the Witch. He is grateful to be working in Salem in order contribute to the Witch City with his readings, consultations, custom spell-crafting, and spiritual services.

Justice the Wizard is available @ The Cauldron Black in Salem, MA.

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