Creating Balance & Bliss with Selenite & Sound, led by Nicki LeMarbre

October 16, 2014

November 20, 2014 @ 12:00 am – 1:30 am
ZuZu's Healing Arts

Selenite clears, balances and opens the Body, Mind & Spirit; Crystal Singing Pyramids activate deep joy & expand our etheric field; together they create powerful & transformative shifts.  Join us for this special event – possible side effects are: released blockages; freedom of creativity; deeper intuitive experiences; raised personal frequency and increase of joyful moments.

Bring your pillow, mat & blanket and get ready to relax, release and expand your energetic field! Wednesday, Nov 19th, 7-8:30pm, cost is $33, call ZuZu’s to register at 781-665-8844 as space is limited.

About Nicki: Nicki LeMarbre has studied many healing modalities & owned a spiritual center for three years. She began working with Selenite in 2011, and upon seeing consistently powerful results, she soon began traveling across the US as an ambassador for Selenite & now, the “Mids.” (Quartz Crystal Singing Pyramids). Visit for more information.



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