Discover Spiritual Osteomancy: Intuitive Bone Reading with Tracy

September 5, 2018

September 15, 2018 @ 11:00 am – 2:00 pm


In this workshop we will learn the basics of Osteomancy, the history and development of the craft, connecting with your ancestors, building your Bone Set, symbolism and reading of the Bones, and caring for your Bones.

What to bring: Bring any Bones you have (including special stones or crystals, shells, and trinkets or curios you’ve collected). Be sure that they are small enough to fit into your hands. Also bring a notebook and writing implement for taking notes on your bones. If you have actual animal Bones, please be sure that they were humanely harvested, or the method won’t work.

What’s Osteomancy? Osteomancy, or Bone Reading/Bone Casting is one of the oldest forms of psychic reading, having been used since prehistoric times. Osteomancy – psychic readings (divination) through the use of bones, shells, stones and charms – is a type of spiritual guidance that connects to the energies of those who have passed. Our Spirits are energy with personality and individuality – a Soul. Because energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it needs to go somewhere once the body has ceased to house it. Osteomancy uses the “residuals” – the parts of the body resistant to decay – to connect with and symbolize the energy they once held.

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