Psychic Tarot and/or Mediumship Readings with Monica Chaffee

March 4, 2018

June 15, 2024 @ 12:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Monica is a psychic, medium and empath, Tarot and Oracle card reader, energy healer, and Yoga instructor. She works with her team of high frequency, cosmic and angelic beings, to help bring as much insight and clarity for the client. She uses Tarot cards as a bridge of communication to not only carry forward healing messages, but to also pinpoint specific areas in the clients mental/physical/or spiritual body where they may be holding onto old karmic patterning. With consent with the client, Monica then uses a pendulum to target the areas and while working closely with the client (using breath, crystal energy, and color vibration), releases outdated karma. Monica guides the client gently through this process with a compassionate approach into a space of balance and harmony.

Cost for readings are 15min/$30; 30min/$60; 45min/$90; 60m/$120. Please call the shop to schedule an appointment at 781-665-8844. These are in-store readings, where you will need to wear a mask to enter the shop *and* for the entirety of your reading as well.

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