Talk to Your Spirit Allies with Christopher Penczak

October 22, 2018

October 23, 2018 @ 7:00 pm – 9:30 pm


Do you wonder if you have any spirits looking after you? Do you want to know why and learn how to communicate with them? Then join us in this fun and informative workshop on the nature of spirit guides and allies. Understand what they are, where they come from and how contact them. Allies come from many realms, including Power Animals, Ancestors, Angels, Faeries, Nature Spirits, Soul Families, Inner Plane Masters, and the Goddesses and Gods themselves! They play many roles in our lives, and we play many roles in their own existence. They act as guardians, healers, teachers and friends.

We will review the history of spirit contact from tribal societies and the ancient Pagan world to the traditions of modern Spiritualism, Witchcraft and Magick. Build powerful and reciprocal relationships with your Spirit Allies, and start with this simple but powerful meditative ritual to forge a deeper connection with your guides.

Cost is $40, please call the shop to register at 781-665-8844. Shop will open at 4pm on Tuesday, Oct 23rd for the class.

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