The Three Rays of Witchcraft with Christopher Penczak

May 20, 2015

November 11, 2015 @ 12:00 am – 2:30 am
ZuZu's Healing Arts

threeraysJoin us for a workshop on the three primal powers that are the basis of creation and magick, hosted by Christopher Penczak. Witches often see these powers as maiden, mother and crone. In Qabalistic magic, we have the three pillars of Mercy, Severity and Equilibrium. Druidic traditions look to three rays of inspiration, of Awen. Theosophists have the rays of Power, Love and Intelligence. Older form of witchcraft look to the Oak, Ash and Thorn, as well as the Straight, Bent and Crooked lines. How can modern witches work with these three powers for magick, evolution and transformation? Explore new views of the three powers as a road to enlightenment, as they manifest in three races – Angels, Fey and the Hidden Company; three healers – Stones, Plants and Animals; and three threads of wisdom – personal revelation, ancestral teachings and the ordeal.

Cost is $40, call us to register today 781-665-8844.

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