ZuZu’s 15th Annual Summertime Psychic Expo

February 13, 2023

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July 16, 2023 @ 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
DoubleTree Hilton Hotel
50 Ferncroft Rd
MA 01923
$5 at door
ZuZu's Healing Arts

We’re back baby! ZuZu’s 15th Annual Summertime New Age Expo is back and we are excited to share all the fun with you once again.  **Please note, Sam Belyea will NOT be at the event as advertised, we apologized for any inconvenience.** All Expo booths are FULL. 

$5 Admission – cash ONLY

ZuZu’s Healing Arts – crystals, crystal carvings, books, jewelry, incense, candles, Tarot decks, crystal grid supplies & more
Ancient Fire Henna – beautiful henna artwork offered at the event
Art from the Heart – gorgeous original artwork by Linda Whiting in prints & canvas
Awaken Candles – wide selection of candles for relaxation & intention
Blessology clothing – a lifestyle brand that gives a unique experience to street fashion
Claire Luft – Mini Divine Intervention sessions & high-vibrational mists for purchase
Christina Neiman – Original artwork oracle deck, journals, cards, prints
Crystal Energy Images – Crystal energy photos in prints, cards & jewelry
Crystal & Stone Studio – Hand-crafted Selenite gemstone jewelry & original art
Cucina Aurora Kitchen Witchery – Flavored Oils & Herbs, cookbooks
Essence of Magick Candles – Candles, wax melts, spell kits, ritual oils
Heavenly Light Crystal Creations – handmade crystal suncatchers infused with Reiki
Intuitive Fine Art by Baraka Berger – Goddess prints & originals; notecards & spirit rocks
J Wood Crafts – hand-tooled wooden bowls, wands and more
Jenna Greene – playing live harp music & selling her CDS
Jerry Marchand – unique crystals & gemstones large & small
Laura Mayhew – Crystal-infused sprays, eye pillows, & more
Lisa’s Wire Creations – wire-wrapped jewelry & custom while you wait
The Magick Tree – Handmade ritual tools
Matt Bernson – Magickal Charicatures
Mindful Lion Botanicals – handcrafted oils, herbal teas, healing salves & more
Mystical Inspirations – Fantasy style art & Jewelry, fairy ears, headpieces, unique wands adorn with wire & crystals
Nancy Bleyer – Hand-crafted wands, smudge fans, crowns, offering bowls & more
Nova Luxe Studios – beautiful hand-crafted wire and gemstone trees
Pat Heitman – author of “How Far is Heaven” books for sale
Phoenix & Lotus – unique tarot, Oracle decks & altar cloths from independent artists
Picasso Jasper clothing – Original clothing for the mystically minded
Pursued By a Bear – Handcrafted bags, totes, keychains, ornaments & more with Magickal/Comic Book themes
Pyramid Books – Metaphysical & Occult Books, decks & more
Roberta’s Gems – unique crystals & gemstones
The Robin’s Nest – Unique Gifts, Custom Crafted Potions & Wares, Magickal & Ritual Items, Divination Materials, Candles, Crystals, Ritual Wear & more
Spiritus Arcanum – quality crafted, traditionally prepared & mindfully curated ritual tools, art, candles, books & apothecary items
Sky is the Limit – handemade jewelry & metaphysical tools
Storyteller Jewelry – mini book necklaces, spell & blessing ornaments, nebula earrings
Strings of Intention – handcrafted crystal dreamcatchers & pendants
Wrapped Up in Jewelry – handcrafted gemstone jewelry
Psychic Readers:
Adam Sartwell – Psychic Tarot or Animal Card Readings
Alura Rose – Tarot or Toe Readings
Ann Diedre – Psychic Readings
Angie O’Loughlin – Mediumship
Carmen Elena – Soul Pathway sessions, Psychic & Oracle readings
Dawn Costorf – Tarot & Celtic Ogham readings
Holly Eden Morrow – Psychic Intuitive, Spiritual Guide/Channel, Medium
Jody Stewart – Psychic Readings
Kristen Cappucci – Tarot, Mediumship
Lauren Porter – Tarot, Runes, Astrology
Leigh Ann Kaiser – Tarot/Oracle, Akashic/Past Life, Angelic & Channeling
Linda McCracken – Tarot Readings, Spirit Portraits
Dawn Costorof – Tarot & Celtic Ogham
Manya Kapikian – Animal Communication (NO pets please, just photos)
Monica Chaffee – Tarot, Mediumship
Nancy Smith – Mediumship, Akashic Records & Spirit art
Renee Bedard – Psychic, Medium, Channel
Robert Menard – Aura Photography
Stacey Smith – Psychic, Medium, Tarot, Celtic Oghams, Angel cards
Terry Milton – Stone Readings
Nicole Majik – Aura Photography
Energy Workers:
Ada Laura – chair massage
Kathleen Jackson – crystal healing/chakra balancing sessions
Kelly Shea – reiki healing sessions
Pyrameditation – copper pyramid sessions
Julie Grimm – chakra balancing sessions
Allen Reposh – reiki sessions
Sacred Soul Space – chair massage
Embody to Evolve – mini-sessions combining physical, emotional & mental bodies for healing
FREE Seminars – located in the Marblehead room upstairs in the hotel
Seminar Schedule:

11:00am A Sacred Flame: Practical and Effective Techniques of Candle Magic with Matthew Venus
In this class we will discuss a variety of principles behind creating effective candle magic. Whether you are a beginner or a well seasoned practitioner this class offers a bit for all levels including: how to dress candles with oils and herbs, candle carving and petitions, and how to use figure candles and multi-candle workings for more precise results.
Matthew Venus is an Artist, Folk Magician, Rogue Occultist, Folkloric Witch, Psychic, Teacher and the owner of Spiritus Arcanum shop in Peabody, MA. 

1:00pm  The Keys of the Empath with Renee Bedard
Empaths have the ability to deeply sense and feel energy and emotions around them. They are highly sensitive people that can ‘read’ a situation and act accordingly. To some, being an empath is a respected, powerful skill while others have a difficult time with it and may feel it is a heavy burden to bear. While both views can be true at the same time, there are systems that you can put into place to help navigate the difficult energies in a healthy way to create a balanced life. We will discuss listening to your body, strengthening your discernment skills, and taking care of yourself, so you can take understand yourself and others, both the empath and non-empath alike.
Renee is a Psychic Intuitive, Psychic Medium, Reiki Master/Teacher, Spiritual Mentor, Priestess, Teacher, Writer and Witch.

3:00pm The Integrity of the Spiritual Immune System
with Christopher Penczak
Just as we have a physical immune system that must be supported through diet and exercise, we have a spiritual immune system that must be supported through energy and intention. Both are deeply connected and illness on a spiritual level can result in poor health on a physical level. In these challenging times, our spiritual immune system is challenged with psychic viruses, thoughtforms, polluted energy, toxic people, and parasitical entities. Learn the parallels between our physical and spiritual immune system and how to support the integrity of your spiritual immune system with simple actions and remedies.
Christopher is an Author, Teacher, Mentor, Witch, Tri-Founder of Temple of Witchcraft

5:15pm Crystal Bowl Meditation with Nicki LeMarbre
Relax, unwind and clear your energy in a soothing sound bath with crystal bowls led by Nicki LeMarbre of Crystal & Stone Studio. This is a group session, please be sure to turn your cell phones to vibrate and keep quiet while in the room. Thank you! 
Nicki is an Artist, Selenite Jewelry Designer, and Meditation Guide. 
*please note our postcards showed special guest Astrologer Sam Belyea as attending the show, but due to circumstances beyond our control, he had to cancel and will not be at the event. 
*Masks are not required but are suggested. Covid-19 is still active in America, so by attending the event you consent to understanding the risks and take sole responsibility for your health. 

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