ZuZu’s 11th Annual Holiday New Age Expo

January 12, 2015

November 6, 2016 @ 3:00 pm – 10:00 pm
DoubleTree Hilton
50 Ferncroft Rd
Danvers, MA 01923
$5 admission
ZuZu's Healing Arts

Join us for our ZuZu’s 11th annual Holiday New Age Expo!

Come spend the day with us – offerings include Psychic Readings, Aura Photography, Energy Healing, Reiki, Chair Massage, local unique vendors selling crystals, artwork, jewelry, handmade soaps, sprays, oracle and tarot decks, books, tapestries, original photography, organic skincare products, one-of-a-kind handmade spiritual energy tools, and much, much more!

***NEW LOCATION THIS YEAR! DoubleTree Hilton, 50 Ferncroft Road, Danvers, MA. ***

FREE Seminars, Live meditation music and FREE Door Prizes every hour (til 4pm).

We will be also collecting new unused hats, gloves and scarf donations for the Women’s Lunch Place day shelter for women in Boston, MA. (NO Food donations please!)

Just $5 admission.

Mark your calendars for our upcoming ZuZu’s 11th Annual Holiday New Age Expo!
Join us for an amazing day filled with many offerings, such as local artists, craftsman & businesses selling crystals, bath & body products, books, hand crafted jewelry, wooden bowls & vases, embroidered pouches, sage & other herbal products, vibrational mists, dreamcatchers, original artwork, oracle & tarot decks and SO much more; get a reading from some of the area’s best Psychics; experience energy healing in many different forms; have your aura photographed or get some henna by our very talented henna artists!

We also offer FREE seminars throughout the day, FREE door prize raffles every hour and FREE live meditation music.

This event is FULL, please, please do not inquire or post about participating as a vendor/reader/healer.

Our guest Keynote Speaker for this event is Herbalist, Author and Teacher Holly Bellebuono of Martha’s Vineyard.

Seminar Schedule:
11:00am – Connecting to the Subtle & Energetic Bodies: Kundalini Meditation with Sher Breen
All yoga and meditation works on the subtle or energetic layers of our being. As yoga has become more popular across this world and has integrated with western practices & philosophies, much of this language has been lost or lost in translation. In Kundalini Yoga & Meditation, we see our practice through the lenses of working with lifeforce energy, chakras and other types of energetic bodies. This workshop will introduce you to meditations specific to Kundalini yoga. They are often dynamic, include breathing practices and the use of mantra (chanting). We’ll review the foundations of the Kundalini system, how meditation can be beneficial and explore a powerful Kundalini meditation. Offered by Sher Breen, E-RYT 500, who is a certified Kundalini Yoga teacher and meditation practitioner for over 22 years.

12:00noon – The 12 Universal Laws, always at work! with Barbara Seed
Join intuitive healer, Barbara Seed, as she speaks about the twelve natural laws that organize our remarkable universe. The first law, that we are all one, sourced from the same Divine essence, illustrates why it is in our highest good to only direct positive words and thoughts to ourselves and others. Law five shows us that the thoughts, intentions and deeds we send out come back to us eventually. Barbara will discuss how understanding and living the wisdom of all 12 laws can enhance our lives.

1:00pm – Herbs for the Brain with our Keynote Speaker Holly Bellebuono, Medical Herbalist, award-winning author and entrepreneur, national speaker; Director at The Bellebuono School of Herbal Medicine and Director at Vineyard Herbs Teas & Apothecary.
In this lecture, you will learn how neurons work and how to improve nerve health. Holly will discuss the most effective herbs and foods for Alzheimer’s and Parkinsons, herbal insights for depression, ALS, memory and more! (please note this is an extended duration seminar)

3:00pm – The Three Souls and the Kala Rite with Adam Sartwell.
Many cultures see the soul as having different parts. Traditions inspired by the Hawaiian language, including Huna, Feri, and the Temple tradition of Witchcraft, have worked with a three-soul model to create miracles. In this class and meditation, learn how you can align the three parts of your soul for a more engaged, spiritual experience of life. Learn the Kala Rite, a ritual of energetic cleansing, to help make your souls clear and light.

4:45pm – Crystal Bowl Sound Healing Meditation with Laura Mayhew.
Join Laura Mayhew, Intuitive Healer, as she plays her beautiful and soothing Crystal Singing Bowls, for 45mins of deep relaxation. Sonic Alchemy healing will lift your spirits and correct imbalances in vibration and energy flow. It will help ease what is blocked leaving you relaxed and rejuvenated.

ZuZu’s 2016 Holiday Expo Vendors:
– ZuZu’s Healing Arts, Inc
– Holly Bellebuono offering books, herbs and herbal products
– Jesse’s Gems crystals, gem trees, lamps
– Crystal Daisies handmade jewelry
– Strings of Intention handcrafted jewelry & Master Healers
– Earth Angel inspirational jewelry, art & more
– Pyramid Books Decks, Books, Jewelry & more
– Earth Echoes gemstones & minerals from Brazil
– Amelia’s Gone Organic natural body products
– Picasso Jasper Original Clothing & Accessories
– Art by Nicki Selenite Jewelry & Angel artwork
– Laura Mayhew Crystal Singing Bowls, Pyramids & Chimes
– Crystal Energy Images original crystal energy photos, crystal grids, mandalas and more
– Aeon Moon high-quality silk-lined velvet embroidered pouches with sacred images
– Zopher Wood Art original handcrafted wood bowls, wands, dishes, pendants and more
– Corey Tevan Original fantasy artwork paintings
– Salem Street Beadery handmade jewelry
– Nancy Bleyer handcrafted sacred tools made of natural crystals, feathers, antlers, shells and more
– Fern’s Lilysong Crystals offering unique crystals
– Lisa’s Wire Wrapped Creations offers wire-wrap pendants, even while you wait
– Claire Luft’s Sacred Kingdom High-vibrational Mists
– Heavenly Light Crystal Creations Reiki-infused suncatchers
– Crystal Concentrics offers unique crystals, gems and minerals from around the world
– Cornerstone Creations cement statuary of all kinds
– Fairy Mountain offers handmade body products and fairy items of all kinds
– Henna by Heather, come get some gorgeous body art by some of the best Henna artists in New England
– Eternal Glyphics, hand-tooled wood carvings of sacred symbols
– Wingmaker Designs, feather aura dusters & smudge fans
– Magickal Arts with artist Jennifer Galasso, original fantasy artwork products
– Mystical Horizons metaphysical shop, products for divination, candles, jewelry and more

1. Terry Milton “the Stone Lady” – Gemstone Readings
2. Renee Bedard – Psychic Intuitive Readings
3. Mary Beth Bruce – Psychic Tarot Readings
4. Carmen Hernandez – Psychic Intuitive Readings
5. Jailene Fontaine – Animal Communication (no pets, just photos)
6. Alura Rose – Psychic Tarot Readings
7. Sue Yarmey – Energy Translation Readings
8. Nancy Smith – Psychic Medium Spirit Artist & Akashic Readings
9. Laura Night – Mediumship Readings
10. Gregg Star – Psychic Tarot Readings
11. Angela Clifford O’Loughlin – Psychic & Mediumship Readings
12. Nancy Sheehan – Psychic Palm Readings
13. Adam Sartwell – Psychic Tarot Readings
14. Erica Kirby – Mediumship Readings
15. Remi Ibraheem – Astrology Readings
16. Lynn Merrit – Psychic Tarot Readings
17. Dede Russell Eaton – Psychic Readings
18. Mary-Jo Guadalupe – Psychic Mediumship Readings

Energy Healing
Full Circle Aura Photography – Aura Photos & Mini Reading
Shimmering Shanti Wellness with Sher Breen – Reiki & Crystal Healing
The Healing Room with Beth Anderson – Reiki, Magnified Healing & Tuning Forks
A Better Place Massage & Mediumship – Chair Massages
Shamanic Spirit Son – Shamanic Journeying mini-sessions with Sue Angelo
The Rising Goddesses – Energy Clearing mini-sessions with Stacey Scott
Jane Knutsen, Intuitive Healer – Crystal Light Bed & Angel Therapy mini-sessions
Diana Harris, Sacred Spiral Dance – mini-energy healing sessions, chakra balancing, and shamnic healing

This Event is FULL for vendors and readers

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