About Us

As you cross the threshold into ZuZu’s Healing Arts, it only takes a moment for your senses to begin taking in the delightful scents, the calming energy, the deep purple walls surrounding you and the colorful, shiny crystals and products displayed everywhere you look. You feel your body – your whole being – exhale deeply and settle into the soft, comforting energy that surrounds you.

All of this is intentional…ZuZu’s was created to be a sanctuary, an escape from the constant chatter of the outside world. And it is just that – the “outside world”. But once inside you are free to browse the wide selection of crystals, books, incense, statuary, jewelry, candles, oils, mists, sage and many other products we carry, all designed to help support your inner health. We strive to support our community in the best way possible with our classes, services, products and events. Friendly staff is happy to assist you in finding whatever it is you are looking for and answer any questions you might have.

Beyond our retail products, we also offer private readings every weekend, be sure to (check our Readings page for most current schedule).

Once a year we host an off-site event, out ZuZu’s Summertime New Age Expo. The expo is held at the DoubleTree Hilton Hotel in Danvers, MA and feature approximately 60 booths of vendors, psychic readers, healing modalities, free seminars and free door prize raffles throughout the day. You can read more details about the next upcoming event on our website.

So come visit us – Nestled in the Mills 58 building in Peabody, MA along with good friends Spiritus Arcanum and many other interesting shops offering antiques, yoga, Frankie Slice and more!