Each Day Is a Promise

January 4, 2016

Each Day Is a Promise


With the new month of January, we are marking the beginning of a new year. We all celebrated as we closed the calendar on 2015 and opened ourselves up to 2016. Like a beautiful dawn with a painted sky, we tend to look upon the new year with childlike wonder, big hopes and dreams, and grand aspirations. We list our personal goals and expectations as brand new resolutions and vow to stick with each and every one of them. We are optimistic that this is the year we persevere and overcome what we perceive to be obstacles in our way. Then day after day our eager attitude is chipped away. Once again, we fall back into the old routine we were driven to break free from. The results? A defeated feeling settles in where hope and resolve visited. We sigh to ourselves and carry on in the way we did before the new calendar year and fantasize about what could have been. What happened to the resolve? What happened to the excitement of a new beginning? Where did we go ‘wrong’? The answer is not as easy as you think.

Change is never easy but it is something we strive for when we feel we need to move from one situation to another. We look for the ‘winds of change’ to help us move. We may open a new journal to write our new chapter. We may find new things to take the place of the older ones. We change home, our job, and sometimes our friends. However, in the quiet of the quiet of the darkest night, deep down inside us, we feel the same. We can ask ourselves questions. We can talk to others. We can rationalize with our conscience and talk ourselves into believing that the disconnectedness we are feeling is all in our heads and that our restlessness isn’t real. We eventually feel that our dreams are a waste of time. We are adults and shouldn’t try to find what that voice within us trying to say. So, we carry on. We distance ourselves from our spirit and talk ourselves into believing that dreams are just dreams. As a result, we move through the day detached from that excitement we lived and breathed before the year turned. With defeat in our heart, we curl up and hunker down. We become convinced that there is nothing more than work, bills, and taxes. We sadly and reluctantly lay down. But what if that little voice still calls us and we still want more?

There comes a time when we simply are ready to stand up. We choose to listen to the stirring in our soul. We decide to follow what we know is the best for us. We reach out to what calls us and we accept the support our conscience, our hopes and dreams offer us. We do not want to lay down any longer. If we choose to move forward, we embrace the chance of a lifetime. We want to end the separation of being alone. We decide to love again. We understand that we deserve better than what we were given. When that whisper of a voice calls to us, we will reach out to the unknown with our hands trembling, our voice shaking and grasping for the strength to squeak out the powerful word, “Yes.” The most important factor however, is that we decided to move forward on our path and let go of what holds us back. We let go of the fear that trapped us inside. We released what does not serve us and our higher being any longer. We made room for new growth in our hearts and minds. As a result we are saying yes to ourselves, our truth, and the endless possibilities that fill each day.

This is a time of great liberation and change. It is also a time of risk and chance. We take a deep breath and decide to rise. With this decision, we move to our feet. We must learn to be steady, for we will be standing on new ground. Our feet must be firmly planted and rooted in the earth. Slowly, our legs begin to straighten. Sometimes they may tremble. That is okay. We are in new territory. We keep moving forward in movement to build up our momentum. We continue on. With another breath, we roll our spine up straight. We notice some stiffness. We take great care and offer a gentle stretch. We take another deep breath. With our shoulders square, we hold our head high and lift our face to the sun. With each of these detailed movements, our joints crack and our muscles ache. We continue on. Stretching and moving, we feel the strength and support of our bodies. As we fortify our resolve, we crack the rigid casing around our spirit. Second by second, breath by breath, we shatter our shell like dried clay. Standing tall, the pieces fall away. In this sacred moment of our transition, the old and sometimes damaging thoughts and boundaries crumble away like dust. We dared to break the mold. We pushed through and took a stand. With the next deep and cleaning breath, we are born into the new chapter of our life. We are present in the moment. We choose to stand up in our truth. We listen intently to what our heart whispers to us now. We remember what was said in the quiet times and in our dreams. As a result, we shed the shell that encapsulated us. We let go of the restraints and demands placed on our heart and say, “No more. This shell is not me. It will no longer tell me who I am supposed to be. I know who I am.”

In those first few moments, we are naked. We are new. We are raw. We are seeing our life through fresh eyes. What reflects in our heart is the beautiful sight of our spirit coming home. We are alive. For the first time, we take our first breath and breathe life into our new being. With tears of joy in our eyes, we begin to focus on what it is our heart really sees, what our spirit feels. Our soul, our being, welcomes us with open arms. We have come home. We have embraced our truth. We are born into a life that we are creating and it is beautiful.

Even though we do not know what is ahead on our journey, we took a chance and chose to continue on. We took a step forward in support of ourselves. We were focused on our passion for a life that is boundless and rekindled our inner flame that encourages us to progress in love and not fear. In those moments of our transition, we chose to be strong in our vulnerability. We offered ourselves the unconditional love and support we freely give to others. For the first time, we offered it to ourselves. We evolved into a place of beauty, dignity, and grace. We moved from a level of existence and transcended into a life of Divine love and inspiration. It was because we chose to answer “Yes” when our heart called to us. That is a powerful change. That is living life. That is healing the past of a life in shadow to feel a life of light.

Change is never as easy as turning a page on a calendar. Change takes courage, hard work, compassion, and unconditional love. It takes strength to stand in a place of vulnerability and see a situation without fault or pretense. It takes courage to look fear in the eye and demand that it falls away. Change can happen. Change does happen. And if our bodies quiver and our voices shake, we still create the change to say, “I am worthy of my dreams. I am worthy of love. I deserve the good things life has to offer with its endless possibilities. I am creating the life I desire and I deserve.” When we can say these powerful statements and do it with love for ourselves, we are restoring balance and harmony to our life and to those around us. We are aligning our lives with our higher purpose for the ability create and foster change. We automatically raise our vibration to support future changes we will be looking forward to.

This does not need to be marked on a calendar. We do not need to wait for a public countdown. This can happen anywhere at any time. Reach out to your heart. Listen to your soul. Feel your desire and spark within you. You only need to say yes to yourself and know that you are deserving and worthy. When you do, you say yes to new life and endless possibilities. The beautiful and loving person on the other side of your fear is you. Break free from your shell that hold you back. When you do, you are truly home. Welcome home to your heart. Welcome home to your truth. Welcome home to your Divinity and purpose. You will be forever grateful that you answered yes.

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