Finding Our Way

February 7, 2017


“Breathe. Breathe deeply. For you are preparing for the days ahead.
Breathe life into your body. Breathe the sacred breath that flows to you,
through you, from you. Feel your heart beat within your chest. Feel the beat
of life keeping pace with the flow of all life. You are one of many. You know
what it is that you must do.

Place your hands upon your heart. Connect. Center. Breathe. Today is a
day of change. Settle into your silence. Hear the call from deep within….
Allow. Do not pressure yourself. The guidance will come when the time is
right. Not everyone is ready at the same time. That is okay. What is
important is that you take the time to listen. Be good to yourself. Be good to
others. Be gentle. Be open. Be aware. For the winds of change are blowing
and we, your Guardians, Protectors, Healers, and Guides are here with
you. We are ready for you when you are ready to move forward in your own

I have been working over a period of time with the Ancients, Protectors,
Guardians, and Guides. They have offered me comfort and guidance on
many different things. They have been especially helpful in these last few
months. Through this work, I felt that it is important for me to reach out to
others. Through talking with friends, family, and clients, I felt that it is
appropriate to offer these thoughts to you as well. I hope you find them
helpful. Here are some of the messages that I wanted to share…
We are in a crucial time in the world. It is not a battle over right and wrong
per se. It is a time when the common threads that weave us together, no
matter race, religion, or creed, joins us and binds us. Do we withdraw from
panic, hate, confusion, and fear; or do we join together and rise in
compassion, understanding, for the highest good of all?

For some that is an easy question to answer. Community outreach,
organizing, protests offer ways for our voices to be heard. But what about
those of us who are not there yet for whatever reason? This I have to offer
to you: It is ok. You are doing what you need to do. Take your time. Be there for
those you love. Be there for your friends and family who may feel scared
and confused. Smile at the stranger who looks unsure or sad. Ask if they
are okay. Hold the door open for someone. Say thank you. Acknowledge
people when you talk with them. Look them in the eye. Listen. Be objective.
Seek out the truth. You don’t have to organize a march or fundraise. Be a
good and empathetic soul who tries to do good for others and for yourself.
We are all on our own timeline. We need thoughtful and loving souls to
change the world. Yes, we need them now. We will also need them for the
days, weeks, months, and years to come. Yes, we need you. Living your
truth means honoring your own time line and honoring your heart. Listen to
what your heart says. We need people in our everyday life to be kind and
thoughtful. We need you to be you.

Please, listen to what your heart is telling you. We want you to be happy
and whole as you change the world. Do what it is that you do best. If you
are best at talking with nature, the rocks, and the trees, do that. If you are
best at listening to others and lending a hand, do that. If you write, then
write. If you paint, paint. Sing. Play music. Cook. Create. We need the
artists, philosophers, musicians, and poets in the world just as much as
those who are vocal and on the public stage. Be the creators that you are
in order to foster the world that we want to create. When that world
emerges, you can lead others to their hearts. We need you. You need you.
I am happy to walk with all of you as we move forward to change the world.

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