Releasing Fear Through Love by Renee Bedard

October 12, 2015

“Samhain Goddess: The Crone” by Arwens Grace (Angela Jayne Barnett)

“Lay down your fear. Lay down your fear now,” the Cailleach demanded. She is The Crone, the Wise Woman who resides deep within the cave, the Goddess of Winter who brings the Spring. Standing before me, she charged me with my truth. “When you stand in fear, you do not stand in truth. You are here to show the way Lightbearer. With fear, you extinguish your flame and those in your charge will lose their way. Now is not the time to freeze from fear. You are not lost. You know the truth. Accept it. Welcome it. If you choose not to, you will not live up to your task Lightbearer.”

Truth. The real truth is unbiased and neutral. Truth holds no judgements. It is not conditional. It does not sway in the direction of hope or want. Truth exists in our soul. It lives within the sun and the moon and within our heart. Simply, the truth just ‘is’.

As humans, we put our thoughts, judgements, and beliefs upon the truth. We all paint our version of truth to look, feel, and act a certain way. In some ways, we instinctively to do this. The reason for that action is fear. We are afraid of not living up to expectations placed upon us by others as well as ourselves. We are afraid to be without love, without connection, without stability, without basic needs and without security. We are afraid of failure as well as being afraid to succeed. To try to understand this, we must look at our motives and our reasons why we do the things we do in a neutral light. We must observe in an objective way, within the moment and without judgement. This is a difficult task. It is not easy to be an objective observer to the intricate details of our intimate and deeply emotional core. However, it can be done. We can be successful in doing this by learning to objectively be in the moment with patience, forgiveness, understanding, love and with practice.

When we live in fear, we limit our ability to explore and live our passions and desires. We subconsciously limit our experiences to blindly go from task to task, ending up as what we perceive to be a victim of circumstance. We do not truly live. We simply exist in a world we feel we have no control in. For example, if we are afraid to travel by plane, we cannot experience the beauty of the desert, the magic and knowledge of an ancient circle of standing stones, or the mystery of a country that is not our own. Faraway places grant us the experiences and lessons we may not be able to have in our own little microcosm of the world. By being afraid to fly, we bind ourselves to our daily routine and surroundings. We deny ourselves the chance to stretch our experiences and challenge ourselves. In standing still, our thoughts, beliefs, and perspective will not change. That can lead us to feeling stuck, trapped, or not worthy of exciting experiences. So, if we dig deeper into our reasoning, or the rationalization of the fear of air travel, we will recognize a root cause. Death? A tragic incident? Maybe it is that we are afraid to see what we are really capable of. Maybe we are really afraid to spread our wings so we can fly and soar to new heights in our life.

We go through life and have so many different experiences. How we react and view these experiences in the environment we are in, is how we shape our lives. If we are loved and supported with understanding, stability, and joy, we can foster these comforting aspects of ourselves. However, if we are lacking in these areas, we may see things in a different light. We can be more apt to feel shame or unworthiness. It may be a self-imposed punishment as a result of what we did. Other experiences may have been a result of a trauma where we force ourselves behind a wall because we never want to experience such pain and horror ever again. We cut ourselves off through fear of opening ourselves up to pain, disgrace, and humiliation. Over time, we naturally evolve into routines and patterns that shelter us away from any and all experiences that can bring us real love and joy because we only exist within a self-imposed chamber of fear.

We all do this. It is something we have been doing for hundreds of generations. It has been programmed into our human existence as a result of power and control that comes to us in the disguise religious and societal rules, power over the population, and control. We think we must live our life in such a way where we need approval from those around us. We must live up to someone else’s expectations or opinions of us. This keeps us trapped in a cycle where we put ourselves last and may even deny our own hopes and dreams to fulfill other’s views of what we should be. I have been learning this slowly and easing into the understanding of this. Living in fear is living without a true understanding of love. Real, true, and honest love is something that holds no judgment. There are no conditions to it. There are no rules or regulations. Love should never be taken away as a punishment.

True and honest love is something you cannot fall out of. It isn’t something that fade or end. Love is acceptance, understanding, and nurturing. We continue to love and want it in our lives because we can feel the divine spark within the power of love. We desire to encourage that spark when we see those we love falter or even make a mistake. We still see the beauty within them even when a loved one hurts us. We can choose to forgive them and not because society or religion demands us to. We choose to forgive because we love. We love because we do not judge. We love because we know we make mistakes too. And we love because love that is our connection that brings us all together. It is our connection to the Divine spark that is within us, the spark of the Goddess and God. It is love that we need to offer to ourselves as well.

So, as we slowly, tenderly, gently, and delicately come to understand our fear, we must do so with love. This is how we begin to breathe life into our shadow – the place where fear resides. We light our spark by opening our hearts to the gentle understanding of who we are without passing harsh judgment onto ourselves.

The human spirit was not designed to be boxed, labeled, and placed on a shelf. We are not meant to be suppressed by power, demands, restrictions or fear. We are designed to rise up within the sunlight and reach out to others to guide them out of their darkness as well as our own. We are here in this life to understand our hearts and souls. As we do, we can lay down our fear and learn to fly again.

I was talking with a dear friend about my fears and ability to allow love in. While I am ready for positive changes that are all around me, I still hesitate with fear. She smiled and asked, “Why not you?” That simple question shifted something deep within my soul. She continued, “You have been holding a light for others for so many lifetimes. It is your time now. Step forward and experience the truth of who you are. It is what you have been worked for. So, why not you?”

She is right. It is time to step forward. It is time to choose light over shadow, love over fear. I choose to lay down my fear. I choose to embrace my heart through love.

There is a life of beauty, grace, acceptance, and love that is here for us all to experience if you choose to lay down your fear. You are deserving of love and joy. You are deserving of a life where you are free to pursue your dreams and come to know the passions within your soul. Knowing that you are connected to the Divine, connected to the Goddess with your divine spark, you have the ability to choose to live a joyful life. So, now I ask you this very important question… Why not you?

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