Shifting Sands and Changing Tides by Renee Bedard

October 25, 2016


One of my favorite places to be is standing in the shallow surf of the shoreline. There is a gentle peace that flows from the ocean to the shore and then from the supportive land back out to the open sea. It is a sweet surrender to flow with the tide. It is a loving trust. The ocean washes in and wipes away what clouds us, what keeps us from being our best. It lovingly takes away what keeps us from our internal flow, if we choose to let it go.

There is a calling that brings us to the sea. She offers clarity and serenity swirled in a rhythmic peace. We can accept these gifts when we close our eyes, open our hearts and allow the roar of the surf into our being. We receive these offerings by connecting to the flow and balance of the moon and the tides. It is the ebb and flow of life that we are meant to move with, if we so choose.

Like the ocean, we shift. We move. We rise. We fall. There are times we are calm. Other times we transform into a raging storm, kicking up the undercurrents that are hidden from sight. We are meant to be fluid. We are meant to move. This is the flow of life. Our lives change daily, yet our attitudes, thoughts, and beliefs can remain the same, sometimes refusing to budge. We cling to our old habits, fears, guilt, shame, vices, and routines as if we are fighting for our lives. We clutch to them when our ship runs aground and we feel stranded upon the rocks. Is that what we are supposed to do? Is this how we are supposed to live?

So many aspects of our lives are shifting and turning now. We are beginning to listen to what our hearts tell us. We are exploring the world around us for ourselves. We are awakening and turning to our spirituality to strengthen our souls. We are taking the mask off of our face and the covers from our eyes. We are opening up to what we inherently know… There is more to life that what T.V. and society are trying to sell us. There is a hunger deep inside us. It craves the knowledge and the trust that we are. It is in the trusting of our soul that needs to be fostered as we break the illusion of emptiness and fear in our lives. As the tide turns, so do we. Are you a willing participant or are you going to continue to cling to the rocks? Are you ready to listen to your soul?

With the changes that are coming our way, it is not easy. There is chaos stirring from the political storm. There are battles that rage when different beliefs come to the table. There is a cynical dominance that crushes a whisper of hope to submit when the old routines and thought patterns are questioned. There is a changing of the guard now. That is evident. Our environment is changing. Our world is changing. Our beliefs are changing. Our relationships are changing. Most of what we have come to know is changing in one aspect or another. What we once held as true is falling away because it no longer works. It doesn’t work because we are changing. We are evolving, transcending. We are opening up to new possibilities, beliefs, and ways of life.

There is a pull to the direction of new hope and new beginnings. There is a calling for us all to come together in the spirit of peace and empowerment. We are coming together as a ‘People’, no matter race, religion, or creed. That is something I find incredibly inspiring. We are on the precipice of a new dawn, a new day. It is a gift. It is a blessing. It is a chance to create a world in which we want to live. Although it can be scary, we must stand together, steadfast in solidarity, to bring the new ways in. However, in order to change the world as we know it, we must turn within our own self first. We must be the change we wish to create. We must know what we need to heal so we may help others in their time of need.

How can we do this? How do we move forward when everything feels as if it is falling apart and out of control? For this I have no quick fixes or easy short cuts. I can offer you this simple advice… trust. Trust yourself. Trust your heart. Trust your soul and your connections to the Goddess and God. Trust your higher power that moves and breathes sacred breath into your life, heart, mind, body, and soul. Know that you are loved and supported through every bump that comes your way. You are not being punished. You are not being cast out. Remember that those thoughts and feelings are illusions. Yes, some things are heartbreaking and sometimes you can feel crushed and defeated. We must ask what the lessons are and learn from them. It is how we create the web of support that weaves us together and breathes life into us. Sometimes things need to leave in order to make room for the new blessings to come forward.

So how do we do this? How can we look within to make sense of the storm that is swirling all around us? How can we trust when we are so afraid to reach out? How can we know with confidence that we will be okay when the sand beneath us begins to erode and rush out with the tide? Again, it is not an easy thing to do. However, it is vital if we are to bring ourselves forward on this journey, especially if we want to answer our heart’s call.

Taking the lead from the ocean and its cleansing ebb and flow, we can learn a lot. In your mind’s eye, stand upon the shore. Feel the waves reach out to you and roll past your ankles. Feel the warm salty water rush over your skin, holding and supporting you. As the waves come in, breathe into your body. Feel the waves of love and healing wash over you, comforting you, caring for you. As the water retreats, feel your heartache and sorrow fall away and run out with the tide. Be in the moment. Be in the flow of time, space, and the tide.

Continue to feel the waves move in and out. Do you feel the sand shifting beneath your feet? Do you feel like you are moving with the tide, rushing into the vast ocean? Is this something beyond your control? Can you feel the raging water move you, pulling you down into the sand, even if you think you are standing still? Open your eyes and look around. Notice that you haven’t moved. You are standing in the same place. It was an illusion. Yes, it did feel like you were moving. It felt as if you were being pulled somewhere beyond your control. However, you remained calm. You were in the moment. You were safe. You simply stood in trust with the ocean, with the Universe. This is the lesson we must learn. This is the key we need to navigate the waters of our vast ocean of life, emotion, growth, and truth.

So, as we awaken and uncover the hidden secrets within our hearts, we must remember to ask ourselves what is truth and what is illusion. We must take our time to evaluate what we have control of. We need to be aware of our situation, our actions, and our decisions. We must take responsibility for them as well. We must frequently ask ourselves if we want to evolve and grow. If your answer is yes, then are you willing to take the steps to move forward? Are you ready to let the ebb and flow swirl up around you so you can be in the moment and allow the changes to come? Are you ready to let the sands shift beneath you to reveal the hidden truths in order to rebuild your foundation? There is always a choice and the choice is always yours… even when you are at the water’s edge and standing amidst the shifting sands and changing tides.

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