The Magic Within by Renee Bedard

December 23, 2015


The Magic Within

A lavender glow stretched across the sky,
A soft and subtle magic that whispers, “I am I.”
Connected and whole, the whispers settle in,
In the silence of the waking day,
The truth stirs and then it begins.
A raven calls as it prepares to fly.
Echoing the importance of “I am I.”
First it is one, then it is two.
Then the others come, they are here for you.
To coach, to answer, to ensure that you are not alone.
Fly with your magic.
You will not sink as a stone.
The more you call, the more you reach.
It is your lesson to learn, your lesson to teach.
We are here for you, and like so many others,
We coach, we lead, we depend on one another.
You are a part of us, as we are a part of you.
We are a group as you travel
With trust and with love, you will not unravel.
So breathe in your breath, your sacred breath of life.
You are connected.
You are safe.
You were always meant for flight.
Spread your wings with your truth and with all that you are.
Fly with your magic, and transcend to your star.
With your raven’s song, call out to me.
May it boom with boldness or enchant like a whisper in the reeds.
Your magic is connected.
It is within you, within me.
As a child of the Goddess,
You were born to see.
See the unseen and embrace what you fear.
Merge with your shadow allow your light to appear.
So fly with me upon your raven’s wing.
Fly and be free, allow your soul and magic to sing.


Not too long ago, I was up just before dawn beginning my day with a cup of tea. It is one of my favorite moments of the day to reflect on thoughts, feelings, and messages from meditations. There is a certain energy that emerges as the first fingers of light stretch over the horizon that stirs something within me. It is that magical ‘twilight time’. It was a bit warmer than the usual November morning in New England. As the sun started to rise, I noticed something other than the grey mist on the other side of my window. An otherworldly lavender glow filtered into my living room. I couldn’t believe my eyes. As I stood looking out onto the sleeping neighborhood, not only was the sky a beautiful soft purple, but my entire street was washed in a mystical glow. I always loved the amber hue that would sometimes light the sky and filter down to us after a sudden summer rain. This however was something entirely different. This was a living and breathing gift that called out to me. I had to follow its call.

I quickly found my shoes and made my way outside. The air was electric and alive. I stood outside in my backyard and felt the energy course through my entire body. I felt all of my thoughts and emotions at once. My fears that I had been working on for releasing, rushed to the surface. Tear after tear, they rolled and fell away. I immediately felt the comfort and support from Spirit, from the Goddess. At that moment in time, I was completely connected and melded my heartbeat with the heartbeat of the Divine. The Goddess was with me in that moment. She called out to me and I humbly answered her call.

“I am here. I know you are with me. I am open to your message.” With that acknowledgement, I felt a swirl of energy spiral around me and a breeze swept over me and it raced across the yard.

Peace. I felt such peace. I had been struggling to find my way. So many new things were happening. I was questioning if I was doing all of the right things and making the best choices. I felt lost in a way. I was breaking new ground on my path as a teacher, a reader, and a healer yet I was unsure of myself. I was receiving messages and signs, especially in my meditations that were incredibly powerful. However, it was doubt that crept in like a thief in the night… through a window that I left open. Doubt and fear hid in my shadow and I wasn’t sure what to do with that, until now.

With the breeze that embraced me, I felt wrapped in love. The doubt and the fear fell with the tears from my eyes. With each teardrop, I felt lighter and lighter. “I am doing what I need to be doing. You are with me. This is what I am here to do in this life, at this time. I feel that now. I need to be more centered in my truth. That is where my magic is. The magic is real. My magic is real. It is all real.” With that statement, a gust of wind ran through me as it carried a raven’s call. One caw, then a second, and then one after another, they called out from a tree across the street. Then one beautiful bird left its perch. The extraordinary black bird flew in my direction, swooped down into my yard and then it flew back up towards the sky. A second bird flew on the same path as the first, followed by another and then another. Ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen ravens, flying, swooping, calling, offering me their support. Recognizing me. Acknowledging me. Seeing me. This experience was magic. I felt electric and connected. I felt free and alive. I thanked the Goddess for such a gift. It was such a powerful and meaningful experience. I will never forget it and I am very grateful for it.

When I went inside, I channeled a bit of the poem that opened this entry. Something stirred and shifted within me just a few weeks before this experience. I had been piecing together parts of me that were hidden. Looking at my life, I think I wanted to hide them. If I hid the pieces of me well enough, they could not be taken or stripped from me… but then again, I took them away from myself. I hid them from myself so well, that I forgot those pieces of magic even existed.

I am still putting the puzzle pieces together, but I have changed through so many experiences recently. This misty and magical morning was one of those special moments. It was a gift, a sign from the Divine, letting me know that I am not alone. Magic is all around me. It never left. I was having difficulty seeing it because I questioned who I was and why I was. It took a bit more work and time to connect the dots, but I can see it more clearly now. Of course, I am a work in progress and I know my road is long. However, it doesn’t need to be such a struggle. Magic lives within us, within all of us. We can create the magic within our lives if we choose to do so. I am forever grateful when I choose to see, feel, touch, taste, and become that magic. I urge you to take the time for yourself. Look for the signs around you to let you know you are not alone. Listen to the lyric on the radio. Smell the sweetness in the air during the winter when the flowers are not in bloom. Feel the warmth of love fill your heart when you may feel alone. This is magic. This is who we are. This is what we are born to be. The magic is the light that shines in the darkness when we are afraid to speak our voice, yet we can whisper, “I am I. I am here. I am love.” Give yourself the chance to be the magic in your life. You deserve to be seen. You deserve to be heard. You deserve to be acknowledged. You deserve to be the magic that you are. It is the magic within.

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