The Space Between

November 7, 2017

(artwork by Jackie Morris)


As October has given way to November, there is a feeling in the air that continues to call me back to center. Like many I have spoken with lately, for
me, October has been a whirlwind of joy and pain, beginnings and endings, a rush from task to task, and the rawness vulnerability brings. It feels like I haven’t been able to catch my breath. I know I haven’t given myself a break. Maybe it’s because I haven’t given myself the chance to do so.
Maybe it is because I might be afraid to hear the messages that reside in the silence and stillness between my breath and heartbeat… And with a
pause in my rush through the day, I can begin to ease the fear and take that step into the unknown. There I can begin to understand as I move
within the space between. If I give myself the chance. It was only a few days ago that I finally offered that to myself.

The cool morning air was just what I needed. There was a pull to get outside and feel the crisp air upon my skin and to soak in the peace of the
waking day before me. So, off I went into the wilds of my own backyard. I stood in the middle of the trees in my tiny patch of woods. Eyes closed,
facing east, the weakening sun upon my face as it streamed through the almost bare trees. Some birds sang. Some squirrels called to each other
from tree to tree. But there in the stillness of the early morning, I stood. Silent. Observing. Waiting. Connecting. Disconnecting. Being. In this
sacred moment, between the mystic haze of twilight and morning sun, I finally got the chance to be still in order to listen…

I have always loved this time of year. It’s the song of rushing the leaves as they blow in the wind. It’s the broken silence as a single leaf descends from a sky facing branch, dancing its way down to earthen floor. It’s in the way the setting sun casts an otherworldly glow on the reds, browns, and golds that seem to blur together and swim against the clouds in the sky. It is within these places, these magical liminal spaces that calls to me, speaks to me, summons me. And as I take a breath, I heed its call. As a witch, I know it is where magic resides. It is where answers can be found and
mysteries discovered. While I am moving through and creating the changes, I know I am part of the liminal spaces as well. We all are. We are
?the space between. We are the space where magic resides. But what can we do within those spaces to claim our magic and shape our world?

We get pulled in so many directions. There are commitments and obligations. Rules that we follow can restrict our movement and limit the
time we have each day. It can be easy to fall into a place where we feel overwhelmed. We can quickly become consumed by outside influences
and they can peck away at us if we are not careful. It is the gentle act of self-care and practice of healthy boundaries that can keep us balanced in
our daily living. It is also the knowing that we too deserve peace and must offer the gift to ourselves. I know that it can be difficult when there is a lot of change going on. Change can happen in an instant. Feelings of shock and fear can rattle us to our core. Sometimes we ask for the change. Sometimes we do not. To be standing out in a new land, in a new situation, can be difficult. That is true. However, what is on the other side of that? When a door closes behind us, we are left to forge our way ahead. Sometimes in a whole new way. That can be scary. Yet it is an opportunity to create what we have envisioned. We can pull ideas, wisdom, and dreams together and mold what we would like to see as an outcome… and maybe, just maybe, it will manifest into something even better than we had hoped. We are the ones who limit ourselves. Why not give ourselves permission to let our creativity
and imagination take flight? In order to do so, we must trust the process. We must give ourselves the chance to succeed. We must give to ourselves
as we give to the ones we love. As we move though the in between places, we can find the answers and peace within us. When we achieve that, it is
truly magical.

When we move from ending to beginning, we are in the border lands. We have the ability to create the life we desire, if we choose to do so. We have
the responsibility to ourselves to put our best foot forward and live honestly with ourselves to make the tough choices we may need to take. It is also
within these spaces, we need to decide what it is we will surrender so we can move forward. And yes, sometimes that means we may need to close a door on what we used to know and what we were comfortable with. As a result, we are left on a path to the unknown and must experience all of the uncertainty it brings. But that is how we grow. It is how we expand. It is how we live. It is how we take control of our lives. It is how we can move with love for ourselves through the space between the space, time between time, and with all of the magic and potential it brings. We can do this if we allow, trust, and know that we are never alone. For we are the magic that moves all around us, through us, and within us. Always. And that is a truth we can use as we navigate through these in between spaces.

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