To Find Comfort In Surrender – by Renee Bedard

August 9, 2015

There is a gentle comfort I am able to find when I step outside into nature. There is an instant connectedness that greets and envelops me like a warm hug from a long lost friend. Whether it is in a state park or in the privacy of my yard, I can feel it. I welcome it. I cherish it. Being in nature is being in a sacred space. I can just be still and tune into my heart, and my soul. It allows me to listen to what they have to say. It’s a place where I can connect to Gaia, and learn to surrender and begin to understand the cycles and rhythms that I am part of.

A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to take some time and head out to the mountains with my family. We had a week of quiet forests, ancient land, beautiful lakes, and powerful waterfalls. Being with those I love within these sacred spaces blessed me with everything I needed. I am also grateful for what it did to strengthen my spiritual path as well. It was like hitting the reset button so when we had to go home, I was ready to reenter with the connected calmness I found while being in the rhythm of Gaia, a part of Mother Earth.

Upon our return, life began as it would normally. Work, daily duties, and the usual hustle and bustle of life filled our days. That was when I received a message. It was one of the hardest phone calls I received and I knew my friend on the other end found it even more difficult. A dear and lifelong friend had passed instantly and without warning. Within that second, everything stopped. We did not understand. We could not understand how and why this had happened. As we moved through the range of human emotions that filled us, we had to surrender. This beautiful light’s passing was beyond our control. It simply just was, whether we liked it or not.

There is no easy remedy. We are human. We feel. We grieve such a large loss. We reach out to each other through the ties that bind us all together as one. We come together through our hearts and souls with love. We instinctively feel what is in our hearts and in each other’s hearts. There are no words. There is only emotion. It is what we feel and offer as comfort through a hug, holding a hand, and reflecting on a memory to bring healing upon a hurting heart.

While I was on vacation, I had a beautiful meditation with the spirit of the land. He offered his healing waters and allowed me to feel the flow of all life within them. He explained, “There is a natural flow to all life. When you are in the flow, you do not need to be afraid. You intuitively feel what is around you, within you. There is no time, no expectation. There is no beginning. There is no end. A river flows around rocks, off cliffs, into large bodies of water. Whether it is gentle or aggressive, the water continues to flow. Remember that this water flows through you as well. It is within your veins. It is your being. It is who you are. You can be the natural flow of the river, or you can choose to be a rock that tries to stop the flow. Either way, that water will move and gradually change the shape of the rock. Will you choose to be in harmony of life, to be in the flow like the Ancients did? It is your path, your journey. It is your choice child. Always trust your heart.”

This was part of a meditation and a trip that changed me. Coming home to painful news, the words of the Nature Spirit became clearer, stronger, and soothed my saddened heart. Everything is a part of a natural cycle and rhythm. It is our connection to each other, to Goddess, to God. When we are able to tap into that connection, when we surrender to it, we can feel the flow of life. To understand that you are a part of something immensely beautiful, something larger than your own daily routine, changes you. It helps you find that delicate balance of what we can and cannot control. Once that balance is found, it brings a peace that you thought never could exist. You can appreciate the loving souls in your life and feel their hearts with a deeper understanding. There is so much to be grateful for, no matter the circumstances you may find yourself in. To be able to say that you know a loving soul, to have the opportunity to share a connection, no matter how much time you may or may not have, is a true blessing.

So, as I write today, I celebrate that blessed connection to all life. The sweet flow that connects us all together. It is a call to goddess to find both comfort and joy. A moment to call upon all those who have gone before me. To the Ancients, may I remember the knowledge you lived your lives by. It is the understanding of life, of birth and rebirth. It is where I can find my place within the heartbeat and rhythm of the natural world around me. It is where I can surrender my fight against what I have no control of, so I may flow as one with the water in the river of life. I celebrate you, my dear friend on your birthday. What a gift you were to me and all those who you have touched, on this physical plane and now on the spiritual plane. You, and all of our loved ones, are still with us as we listen to the song within our lives and in our hearts. Please keep shining that beautiful light of yours so we will always find our way.
With love from the depths of my soul…

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