Brigid’s Corner

Renee Bedard has been a student of the magical arts for many years. As she studied, she found a pull to the Celtic traditions and magic. It was through those teachings and practices that Renee began to understand and develop her natural empathic and intuitive abilities.

Working with her guides and other high vibrational energies, such as the essence of the Celtic Goddess Brigid, Renee is able to channel messages to help her clients. With specific information for each person, she can bring understanding to situations that may be difficult to work through and bring comfort to ease one’s pain.

Just like each individual person, each session is unique. Renee aims to honor her client’s experiences by uncovering the truth. By doing so, she is able to provide a safe place for each person to understand their path as well as their heart. Her goal is for everyone to be able to speak their truth, know that they have a special purpose, and to help them remember who they truly are.

Just Let Go

August 24, 2016

“Just Let Go” For years, it seems I did not breathe. Moving through my day, I would politely smile, nod, and continue living on the edges of shadows, trying not to be seen. Remarks that were possibly meant to encourage, landed heavy on my heart. Unsolicited comments of what I ‘should’ do mixed with ‘what […]

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To Find My Way Back Home

July 24, 2016

I have tried to write my latest blog for two months now. So many times I had started and stopped, changed direction, asked for guidance, and sidelined a bunch of ideas. Nothing seemed to flow. Words escaped me. Walls replaced my flowing thoughts. I had glimpses of what I thought was finally a break through, […]

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Wanderers Searching for Connections

April 30, 2016

Wanderers Searching for Connections Late at night, early in the morning, or in the screaming silence of the dark, questions rise and can fall without an answer. It is my shallow breaths and racing heart that I try to ease, but the soothing peace evades me for the moment and forces the chase. My mind […]

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Hidden Pieces by Renee Bedard

March 20, 2016

Trust… Surrender… Embrace light… Forgive… Love… Release… Heal… These are practices we willingly choose to accept and incorporate into our lives as we walk our spiritual path. These concepts are intense. They are life changing. They are profound. It can be uncomfortable as we work to heal. It can leave us feeling raw, naked, exposed, […]

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Shadow and Light by Renee Bedard

February 14, 2016

Shadow and Light We light a candle to illuminate dark. In an instant, a flame ignites and ushers in the light. A warm, inviting glow offers comfort as we are welcomed into our sanctuary. Slowly, our defenses fall away. The tension held in our body starts to release. We begin to breathe deeper, slower, and […]

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Each Day Is a Promise

January 4, 2016

Each Day Is a Promise With the new month of January, we are marking the beginning of a new year. We all celebrated as we closed the calendar on 2015 and opened ourselves up to 2016. Like a beautiful dawn with a painted sky, we tend to look upon the new year with childlike wonder, […]

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The Magic Within by Renee Bedard

December 23, 2015

The Magic Within A lavender glow stretched across the sky, A soft and subtle magic that whispers, “I am I.” Connected and whole, the whispers settle in, In the silence of the waking day, The truth stirs and then it begins. A raven calls as it prepares to fly. Echoing the importance of “I am […]

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Releasing Fear Through Love by Renee Bedard

October 12, 2015

“Samhain Goddess: The Crone” by Arwens Grace (Angela Jayne Barnett) “Lay down your fear. Lay down your fear now,” the Cailleach demanded. She is The Crone, the Wise Woman who resides deep within the cave, the Goddess of Winter who brings the Spring. Standing before me, she charged me with my truth. “When you stand […]

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Parting the Mists…

September 8, 2015

(Photo artwork by Sonya Shannon) Parting the Mists Over the last few weeks, I have been reflecting on the bitter sweet experiences that filled the last few months. It has been a busy summer and I can’t believe is coming to a close. There were a lot of laughs, adventures, and there were tears. At […]

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To Find Comfort In Surrender – by Renee Bedard

August 9, 2015

There is a gentle comfort I am able to find when I step outside into nature. There is an instant connectedness that greets and envelops me like a warm hug from a long lost friend. Whether it is in a state park or in the privacy of my yard, I can feel it. I welcome […]

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