Private Energy Healing Sessions with Barbara Evans

July 5, 2016

July 21, 2016 @ 3:00 pm – 10:00 pm
ZuZu's Healing Arts



ZuZu’s Healing Arts is delighted to welcome back Barbara Evans for a limited number of private energy healing sessions – these sessions are powerful and transformative. She is visiting with us following our Summer Expo, so don’t miss this chance to have a session with her!

“Setting the Vibrations for Healing”

Many integrative and holistic health care professionals recognize that a frequent missing piece in creating and maintaining vibrant health is our ability to connect with our true self. Connecting deeply with our inner essence is key to unlocking self-healing capabilities beyond our imagination. Vibrational Healing offers a pathway for awakening this profound connection: through using the vibrational frequencies of light, color, geometry and sound, we can promote Love, Joy and Harmony in our daily lives, while revitalizing our natural healing systems.

Vibrational healing is powerful because it is not just experienced with our senses; it touches every cell and transforms us on emotional, spiritual and even physical planes. Barbara Evans is a gifted and intuitive healer, who has founded The Art of Raising Frequency, a new energy healing approach based on her own high vibrational art and sound. During a private session, Barbara creates a nurturing energetic cocoon which is adapted to your personal needs, and provides the frequency shift necessary to kick-start an awakening process within your core being. You then experience how the universal geometry of life is interwoven with light, color and sound in unique and beautiful ways to raise frequency, and deepen the connection with your true essence.

These sessions nurture every level of Body, Mind and Spirit, setting the stage for a significant Awakening and Transformation to blossom within your life. Increased Joy, Clarity of Purpose, Sense of Peace and, most importantly, a wonderful sense of Well-being are commonly experienced.

Sessions are available at one-hour each, cost is $105. Please call ZuZu’s to schedule your appointment today 781-665-8844.

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