Blu-E level 1 with Certification (2 days)

May 1, 2019

May 18, 2019 @ 10:00 am – 5:00 pm


For those who are looking to really step IN TU IT…get ready to soar! For those who are more advanced this will shift you to the next energetic level. It is unlike any other modality. It’s a power pack that can be added to anything in your spiritual tool belt. It has also been called a life lift for those needing a shift. In this full day workshop Holly will unlock your potential through a series of meditations, activations, and practical applications which will allow you to connect with your guides, see your intuition immediately at work, be witness to profound transformation, develop trance meditation, and learn the difference between spiritual healing and channeled non-touch healing with greater results…and so much more.

What you will get from attending this workshop:
Activations that will amp up your chi energy.
Learn how to effectively trance meditate or channel.
A modality that immediately connects you to your intuition.
Meet your guides working with/for you.
See your creative gifts expand.
Access hands-off healing technique that takes 1/3 of the time.
A workbook to go over what you learned.
Certification on Level 1.
Come play in your Magic!

Cost for this two day certification is $250; please contact ZuZu’s Healing Arts to register, space is limited 781-665-8844.

Holly Eden Morrow’s natural intuitive gifts began in her early childhood, after the passing of her mother. With this intuition she was passionately guided to be a chef. She had stepped into her spiritual path before heading off to college where she immersed herself in French Communications, Eastern Philosophies, and Art. Then it was off to study Pastries and Cuisine at the Cordon Bleu of Paris, France. There she would meet a woman, that she rented a room from, that told her she had the gift. This would later show up in her desire to become a Reiki Master to help with her son’s colic in 2001, which later paved the way to her medical intuitive work with addiction and cancer. As a result, she has been inspired to help others on their journey.

Her passion in the metaphysical arena led her to greater understandings in the areas of animal totems, gemstones, astrology, numerology, chakras, and a life-long devotee of meditation. Her continued education of psychic and mediumistic studies was furthered by trips to Stansted, England at the renowned Arthur Findlay College. It was after attending AFC, that she and her friend Wayne Tan co-created and channeled BLU-e™ to bring forth a modality to connect people with their gifts of intuition, healing, and creativity. As a result, her frequency allows her to teach at an accelerated rate and is able to pass this on to her students. She has traveled the globe teaching BLU-e™. She has presented at Expos and taught classes in the U.S. on both coasts, Vancouver B.C., Norway, Denmark, England, Singapore, and Hong Kong. She was guided to move from San Diego to Massachusetts to further share her joy of teaching intuitive development classes to connect people with their true soul potential. Since moving here she has held a booth, Blu-Eden, at the Natural Living Expo.

She is a Soul Guide, Channel, Medical Intuitive, Energetic Artist, Healer, and only teacher of BLU-e™ in the U.S. She has created an entire line of BLU-Essence Energy Products and Live Art, Essential Healing Chakra CD and is currently writing a book of her teachings to help others with their spiritual gifts.

You may have had a reading with her at one of ZuZu’s Expos, but if not, this is your chance to work directly with her!

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