Create Your Own Smudge Feather Energy Tool with Nancy Bleyer

June 1, 2015

June 27, 2015 @ 3:00 pm – 5:00 pm
ZuZu's Healing Arts
122 West Emerson Street
Melrose, MA 02176

This is a craft project led by spirit and really just involves following your heart and having fun!

Smudging can help you to raise your vibration, give you a new perspective and literally and energetically clear the air.

We have all walked into a room and felt unease or heavyness, felt down or exhausted or annoyed after visiting certain places like hopitals, work situations and even after visiting family members.
Very strong emotions from trauma, sickness or severe depression often leave an energetic imprint on our surroundings. This energy imprint can effect us if we are sensitive to energy in this way. It can effect our energy and can be passed on to other folks who may not be sensitive to the energy in a room but may be sensitive to our moods! Like our family and close friends.

Smudging with feathers, an age old purification ritual can help you to release some of the emotional baggage that clutters the mind and spirit and can really drag us down energetically and sometimes even physically.

Smudging is also a way for us to create sacred space and prepare ourselves for ritual.

In this class Nancy will discuss the many ways of using a smudge feather with and without smoke. We will talk about how prayers for healing and clearing are wonderful ways to create an even more powerful intention of raising the vibrational frequency for yourself,your space or for others. Nancy will guide you on a meditation before starting your project to help you bring focus and clarity to this creative process.

You will be provided with a single turkey feather pre-glued on a wood handle for you to embellish with small feathers, semi precious stones, shells, cystals ,colored threads, and trims.

*If you have some special small feathers, shells, stones, crystals or trinkets(single earrings are great for this!) that you would like to add, bring them. It will charge up your smudging energy tool with some extra personal meaning and energy.

Materials for embellishing and pre-glued turkey feather are included in the price of – $50. Please call ZuZu’s to register at 781-665-8844. This is a three hour class. please dress comfortably to create and for a chair meditation. You may wish to bring a water bottle or anything you may need for your comfort. We will use a hot glue gun in creating so caution and care is advised.

Nancy Bleyer offers people a way to reconnect with Spirit, the beauty of Nature, and to see the bigger picture of their inner and outer world. She is a Natural Materials Spiritual Energy Tool Artist. She’s created thousands of one-of-a-kind shamanic ritual tools in the last 15 years for practitioners and people that love symbolic ritual and knowledge. Nancy has studied nature, art and symbolism for over 35 years and energy medicine for the last 15 years. She is a graduate and former assistant teacher at the Rhys Thomas Institute of Energy Medicine.

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