Empath’s Monthly Zoom Circle with Monica

March 3, 2019

June 18, 2020 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
ZuZu's Healing Arts
122 West Emerson St.
ZuZu's Healing Arts


The Empath Monthly Circle –
The empath circle is a monthly group for those who identify with being highly sensitive, or have empath and/or intuitive abilities that they wish to honor, grow, develop and nurture. This monthly circle will allow us to practice our gifts and the tools needed for navigating the energetic world around us. (Please note this is not a psychic developement circle).

Join Monica Chaffee, an intuitive empath, medium, and tarot card reader in a monthly empath development group to learn and practice various tools and modalities for the modern empath. An empathic person becomes highly sensitive to the world around them, and at times can feel the emotions and pains, or excitement and joy of the people surrounding them at home, work, school, or in public. For some, identifying as an Empath can feel burdensome, and for others it can feel empowering. How we react and respond to the energy at hand depends on how well you are able to utilize your own power and respond to the energies that arise from personal experiences and daily living. The process of honing your abilities takes patience, time, and practice. We will discuss astrological influences that impact us for each monthly meeting as well.

Call ZuZu’s to register ahead so we can plan accordingly 781-665-8844. Cost is $25.

These classes stand alone as individual classes, but will also build and utilize from previous teachings.

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