Full Moon Ritual with Sam Belyea

December 12, 2019

January 10, 2020 @ 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm


Friday, Jan 10th – Full Moon Ritual, 7-9pm

– During this ceremony to honor the Full Moon in Cancer on Friday January 11th, we will be embarking on a gathering journey to fuel multiple Astrological transitions that are taking place. Although the Moon will be in the sign of Cancer, the archetypal mother, there are the Saturn/Pluto and Sun/Mercury conjunctions in Capricorn to consider. This lunation represents the isolated Mother, who is acting as a mediator to the heavier Earth energy taking place. As we channel, honor and appreciate the radical imbalances that are challenging us, the Full Moon allows us to take solace, comfort and refuge in the healing waters of Cancer. This is the purpose of our gathering on this Friday evening. Come dressed comfortably and ready to spiritually receive the blessings of the Moon. Cost $45, please call ahead to register 781-665-8844

About Sam:

Sam Belyea is an international consultative astrologer who has been honing his relationship with the planets and signs for over a decade. When he is not providing sessions, he is writing, teaching or learning about Astrology. His approach to the planetary path is metaphysical, psychological and medical. Sam weaves together modern, Medieval and Hellenistic interpretations of what the skies have to offer us. Never without a clever wordplay or funny anecdote, He believes in teaching from both experience and humor. For more information about Sam, check out his active social media profiles on Instagram and Facebook as well as his website at www.scorpiorisingastrology.com.

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