Goddess & The Elements Series – Danu & Earth

July 18, 2018

July 21, 2018 @ 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm


Come for a walk along the winding path as we journey with the Goddess. Every day we are witness to the Elements that are present all around us. Earth. Fire. Air. Water. Spirit. Like the Goddess, The Elements are woven all around us in every aspect of our world. They are also alive within us as well. Together we will explore each of the elements to gain deeper understanding of ourselves, the Mysteries, and the world around us as we heal our world within.

July’s Goddess and Element:
Danu and the Element of Earth: As Summer is in bloom all around us, The Celtic Mother Goddess Danu calls to us. She gently reminds us to embrace the energies that are alive all around us and to listen to the Wisdom that Nature has to offer. We are connected to the Earth and Her bounty, for we share the Divine Spark that unites us all. Come and connect with the Earth as we delve into Danu’s messages of Love, Life, Light, Liberty, and Law.

Cost: $40.00, call ZuZu’s to register at 781-665-8844

Original Artwork shown: Danu Painting by Radmer Lenasch

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