Intro to Tarot with Monica Chaffee

December 12, 2019

January 12, 2020 @ 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm


Tarot serves as a divination tool bringing clarity and insight to YOU, the reader. Learn the basics of Tarot with Monica Chaffee, a Tarot reader and psychic medium. Lets explore, study, and play with your deck while discovering the meanings behind the Major and Minor Arcana. We will also discuss the 4 suites and elemental properties that they carry, as well as the connection to our intuitive mind. Come ready to make a personal link to your deck and open yourself to the incredible energy that Tarot offers.

Please bring your own deck and a notebook. Class costs $40, please call ahead to register 781-665-8844.

Monica is a psychic intuitive and empath, Tarot and Oracle card reader, energy healer, and Yoga instructor. She works with her team of high frequency, cosmic and angelic beings, to help bring as much insight and clarity for the client. She uses Tarot cards as a bridge of communication to not only carry forward healing messages, but to also pinpoint specific areas in the clients mental/physical/or spiritual body where they may be holding onto old karmic patterning. With consent with the client, Monica then uses a pendulum to target the areas and while working closely with the client (using breath, crystal energy, and color vibration), releases outdated karma. Monica guides the client gently through this process with a compassionate approach into a space of balance and harmony.

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