New Moon Class & Ritual – Phases of the Moon Series with Renee

February 24, 2021

March 13, 2021 @ 7:00 pm – 9:15 pm

Deep within the earth, the tiny seeds feel the stress and pressure from the confinement of their shells. They know from the stirring deep within that it is time to awaken. With passion and fire, they begin to break free from their old skins and burst forward, full of life and potential. In this time of new beginnings, how will you brush the moist soil from your eyes, break free from what binds you, and step out of the darkness, preparing to shine your light?

For the class, we will talk about the new moon and its waxing energies. We will also talk about how to work with such energies in your daily life. In this ritual, we will prepare to do just that. If you wish, you can choose to have a small bowl with a few seeds (flowers, herbs, or edible seeds), a small bowl of water, and a green candle for our spell work. If you are unable to have these materials, that is fine too. This can work with your intentions as well. Renee will have a set up on her altar and will walk you through it.
Class fee is $40.00, call ZuZu’s to register at 781-665-8844.

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