Awakening the Divine Creator Within

November 20, 2018

January 1, 2019 @ 10:00 pm – 5:30 pm

Join ZuZu’s Owner Sue Ustas and Renee Bedard for a day filled with exercises to start your new year off right.

Part 1: Clearing our Energy & Opening to our Higher Self with Renee Bedard
As we begin a new year, we too strive for new beginnings. Together, we will look at where we are in this present moment by reflecting on the past so that we can dream of the future. We will look upon ourselves without judgement & criticism, offering ourselves the space needed for us to grow. While we are held in sacred space, we can begin to immerse ourselves in the healing Waters to clear away what no longer serves us. Within those waters, we can offer ourselves the love and freedom to reach our hidden depths and embrace our unlimited potential in order to create our dreams.

Part 2: Crystal Underworld Journey with Sue Ustas
Now that we have bathed in the healing waters, we will embark on a journey to the Crystal Underworld to meet with ancient Crystalline Guides to receive insight to better understand our own personal journey for this lifetime. We will each be given three crystalline tools to assist us in stepping more fully into our highest potential, and once we have accepted them, journey back to the present moment.

*Lunch break*

Part 3: Vision Boards with Sue Ustas
We will create mini-vision boards, filled with images and sacred symbols. We will activate and bless them in ceremony, to take home as a physical reminder of the day’s sacred work and in order to help propel us forward on the path of success for each of our individual goals. We will have some generic ones, but *Please* bring images with you that are specific to your own goals, as we have limited time to get these done and ready for our final ceremony.

Part 4: Igniting the Flame Within with Renee Bedard
Dive into the well of inspiration & stir your cauldron within. We each have places within us that offer the power of love & creativity. It is there, within those wellsprings, our dreams are born. When we honor ourselves, we honor our purpose, our truth, and the connections we share, together. For this blessing ritual, we will ignite our inner flames, bless a candle to continue our work on our journey and embrace the inspiration that flows within and around us, giving birth to our dreams.

Cost is $129 for the day, a light lunch will be provided (please inform us of food allergies when you register).
– Please wear comfortable clothing, bring a blanket and pillow for the journeys if you’d like to lay down for them.
– Bring a notebook or journal to take notes
– Water & tea will be provided

Call ZuZu’s to register at 781-665-8844. You must register no later than Saturday, Dec 29th.

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