Private Sessions “Active Your Full Potential” with Award Winning Author and Healing Artist, Barbara Evans

March 5, 2015

March 27, 2015 @ 3:00 pm – 11:00 pm
ZuZu's Healing Arts
$55 / 30minutes

Awaken to Your True Essence … Manifest Your Dreams!

We all possess abilities, gifts and potential beyond our wildest dreams and current understanding.
Connecting deeply with our true, or inner, self is the key to unlocking this infinite potential. During a session with Barbara Evans – an award winning author, transformational healing artist and intuitive, you will gain the insights to start this process of self-discovery, and understand how to manifest your dreams and your full potential. Participants in these private sessions find them to be incredibly insightful, uplifting, joyful and supportive, providing a clearer direction about their true path and purpose in life.
Each session begins by determining the area of focus … which aspects of your life require insight and assistance. Barbara’s Empowerment Cards are then chosen, in alignment with the agreed intention. The chosen cards are used to create sacred space around you, providing High Vibrational energetic support for Insight, Awakening and Transformation. Gentle healing tones of crystal singing bowls and energies transmitted by Eden Healing Discs support the integration of these beneficial energies at the cellular level. As Barbara channels and guides the entire activation process, your job is to relax, absorb, allow and enjoy! It is a unique and beautiful experience.

Recent testimonials include:
“I highly recommend having a session with Barbara Evans. The session is truly amazing. You will feel major shifts and transformations happening immediately”. SJ, NM
“Barbara’s mandalas create a “temple” of sacred space to activate dormant pathways throughout the energy bodies. I felt the energy flowing in a different way. Scanning the energy field indicated an immediate strengthening, expansion and balancing.” BH, OH
“The session was customized to what I needed to work on. Thank you for a wonderful and eye opening experience. I would highly recommend it to others.: SD, CT
“Thank you so much for sharing your incredible gift (which) truly resonated with me, and touched my Heart. I deeply connected with your messages, and
am honored to share in your wisdom.” RB, VA

Schedule a 30 minute appointment with Sue at ZuZu’s Healing Arts:(781) 665-8844
Barbara Evans’ high vibrational art underpins a unique healing modality for Raising Frequency, The Eden Method™.
Barbara’s Chakra paintings are showcased in healing and spiritual centers worldwide: she is also a certified Reiki Master, Crystal Resonance Therapist, Shiatsu practitioner and frequent radio show guest. Learn more at:

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