SFTSE Series: The Decent of the Queen and the Rise of the Crone

October 22, 2018

October 28, 2018 @ 10:00 am – 1:00 pm


10/28/2018 – The Decent of the Queen and the Rise of the Crone – During the time of Samhain, we can feel the energies shift and change. The God has passed, Brigid descends into the Earth and the Cailleach rises to usher in the dark half of the year. She is a guide of the liminal space and a teacher of great wisdom. We meet with The Cailleach to peer through the veil, and connect with our spiritual team. Together, we will see what is unseen within us so we may begin our journey into this powerful and transformative liminal space, releasing what no longer serves us. We will also call to our ancestors and honor them at this time.

The “Songs from the Sacred Earth Series” is led by Teacher, Psychic Intuitive & Multi-dimensional healer Renee Bedard:
“We long for connection. We search to find the deep purpose within our lives. We seek to discover the patterns that make us who we are within the tapestry of life. Here, in this Sacred Circle, we will search to find the answers within ourselves that are reflected in Nature all around us. We will work with The Goddesses, Gods, the cycles and energies of the seasons, the land, the moon, and ourselves, as we journey within. We seek to find strength, hope, healing, purpose, and our voice to create the life in which we dream. We are the ones who have the ability to shape and to change the world in which we live. We do so by offering ourselves the space to love and heal our hearts and listening to our soul. Once we do that, we can discover all of the connections that we share and create the life in which we dream.

Through meditative journeys, ritual, and gathering in circle, we will prepare ourselves for our inner work, both in and out of class. We will work with the energies around us to begin to transform ourselves so we can be comfortable within our own skin and find a deeper understanding within ourselves. Classes are every three weeks. You will receive a booklet that will cover what we will do in class for that session. In the booklet, you will also find questions, reflections, meditations, and ideas that will build the energy for the upcoming class.In between sessions, you will be encouraged to continue this process through personal meditations and journaling. We will also share a private Facebook group to build our circle community and ask any questions you may have. Sessions run in 5 class blocks. Each class is $50.00, which includes the class booklet.Please dress in comfortable clothes as we will be journeying through meditation. Feel free to bring a journal to take notes or record meditative messages.”

You MUST pre-register for each class by calling ZuZu’s no later than closing on the Saturday before at 781-665-8844. Cost for each individual class is $50.

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