Wild Faerie Soul Workshop with Jenna Greene

November 7, 2017

March 4, 2018 @ 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Faerie House Day Headshot Oct 2015

If you love faeries and never outgrew magical tales, then you are a “Wild Faerie Soul!”
Hidden within faerie mythology is ancient wisdom that can empower. In this workshop, mythic
musician and holistic healer Jenna Greene will teach you how to use these secrets to tap into the
Faerie powers deep within you and give your life wings!

Jenna’s love of Positive Psychology, Mythology, and Faerie wisdom are woven together to create
what she impishly calls her “lore of attraction.” This workshop will take you on a journey
through 13 portals to a more magical life.

You will learn how to:
_ connect with the faerie energy within and surrounding you
_ embrace faerie glamour to gain confidence
_ open magical portals to help dreams come true
_ reconnect with Nature and your own wildness
_ fan the flame of creativity
_ direct the power of your imagination
_ create a magical reality

As part of this workshop, we will be making faerie portal mirrors so you can bring the magic
home with you! Supplies are included in the price.

Cost is $45, please call ZuZu’s at 781-665-8844 to register for this class. This is an adult class, you must be 18+ to participate.

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