Boston Strong; Anything is Possible…

October 31, 2013


If you haven’t heard yet, the Red Sox won the World Series last night, in the hometown of Boston, surrounded by an enthusiastic and celebratory crowd. While I was watching the game, in the short interviews with the players afterwards I couldn’t help but feel the emotion coming from the resounding theme they all mentioned…Boston Strong. They each spoke briefly about deciding early on as a team to work together towards the common goal of winning a World Series for Boston, to help us all heal from the marathon tragedy. Each player kept giving credit to the whole team, and mentioning what a great bunch of guys they were, including their management. No one player talked about how great it was personally to win this; they all kept giving credit to the team as a whole…and several of them mentioned it began so very early in the year, this group focus and mentality on this team goal for a greater good.

It serves as a great example of what is possible when people join together for a higher purpose, especially when we can put the Ego aside and focus on the greater good, not just our own personal goals. We as a society each have a role to play in the world we live in, as our thoughts and actions both play an equally important role in shaping our future. Teamwork is key; even if sometimes we aren’t so sure who around us is on our team, or focusing on the same goal. Some of us put forth our efforts in a more public manner, like David Ortiz, who was shown giving pep talks in the dugout and rallying the team when things weren’t going their way, reminding them of their goal and helping them stay motivated and focused. Still many others are important key players behind the scenes, making important efforts less publicly.

We each have an important role to play in the future of humanity and this planet. From larger gestures of running for office or public displays of peace, healing and mindfulness to smaller and more private practices such as meditation, prayer, and working at being present in each moment so that we can choose how we RESPOND as opposed to simply react, then do damage control. These are ALL important facets of working to making a difference in this world we live in. You aren’t necessarily confined to one role, either – one day you might be called to be the one giving pep talks, another day you may be making key contributions behind the scenes, or possibly even holding positive outcome thoughts and images on an ongoing basis is your role any given day.

Whatever positive action or practice you are called to perform, whether public or private, know that YOU make a difference. Your thoughts, words and actions, in each moment, each day, are vibrational contributions to the world, for better or for worse. Let’s ride the wave of motivation from this Red Sox championship and be more open to working together unselfishly for a greater purpose, a greater good.

The ideal future is within our reach; anything is possible, and miracles can happen around every corner…believing is half the battle, action is the other half. You don’t have to be perfect in each moment, so don’t put that kind of pressure on yourself. Just start each day with a few deep breaths, your heart focused on love, and believe, as often as you can, that anything is possible…because it is.

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