Boston Stronger Than Ever…4/22/2014

April 26, 2014



Even if you didn’t participate in yesterday’s marathon, or spend time near any part of it, or watch it on tv at all, you couldn’t help but feel something in the air yesterday…that something was the awesome resilience and force of the human Spirit in action. Just one year after the tragedy that rocked our city and reverberated throughout this planet, we gathered together to show this world what we are made of…not just the Boston “We”, but the human Spirit “We”.

With one of the largest fields of runners in US history, (over 32,000 participants), people from all over the world came to support the energy and intention behind this year’s event. Boston Marathon Director Dave McGillvray told a crowd of thousands packed into Hopkinton Center for the start of the race, “We’re taking back our race today – we’re taking back the finish line,” which helped set the tone for an already emotional crowd. While we certainly couldn’t un-do what happened last year, individuals gathered in the many thousands to make sure that Boston knew it was not alone in its rememberence, and honored the city, the race, the wounded (physically and emotionally), and the lost in an overwhelming show of support.
One spectator told the Boston Globe “this year they all have something different to run for…you can FEEL it,” and feel it you could – from the encouraging screams of fans to the signs cheering runners on, to the sheer numbers that showed up in the city in full force, there was an undeniable electricity in the air; comaradere amongst the crowds; and incredible heart-centered force present in the day…the force created by many who gathered together to each play a part in honoring the memory of those lost and what the race itself stands for to not just this city, but to many all over this world. Yesterday’s outpouring of emotion and strength was a testament to the human Spirit, and to what heights it is capable of rising to when it won’t be intimidated by a bully, no matter how wounded or scarred; it has the capacity, strength and ability to rise above tragedy, reclaim it’s core spark and grow that spark to bigger and brighter heights than were ever thought possible. That’s the eternal beauty of the human Spirit – it’s resilience against darkness and it’s capacity for the light, for love. Always remember what we are truly made of – and what we are truly capable of – when we join together and expand our hearts in the undeniable energy of LOVE.
Sue Ustas
ZuZu’s Healing Arts

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