Giving the Universe Feedback on what you need

January 16, 2013

Over the years, I have heard often from customers that they wish they could “hear their Angels/Guides” or “get messages from the Universe”…and I can’t help but think, signs are EVERYWHERE…so you think the Universe doesn’t speak to YOU? The Universe is always talking to you, to us. Problem is, most of the time we aren’t listening. Listening itself is a lost art. We as a society have grown so impatient and are so busy that we stop only when it is convenient for us. We pause momentarily, ask a question, demand an answer and get upset or frustrated when within the next 30 seconds “nothing happens.”

We have forgotten that to receive divine guidance, truly perceive, we need to use our entire being, not just our ears, and especially not just our eyes. We need to realize that “time” as we have created it here on earth doesn’t exist anywhere else in the universe, so we need to stop demanding “signs” or “answers” from “out there” within our created response time.

When you need an answer or feel a cry for help from within your heart, sit down, take a few deep breaths, close your eyes, and center yourself in your heart (closing your eyes is important, as it forced you to rely on your other senses). Imagine a beautiful, red plush comfy chair in your heart center, made of soft material that seats you perfectly. Sink into that comfy space, and begin to allow yourself to feel. The key word here is “allow”. When we allow, we aren’t forcing, or imagining, or picturing, we are simply sitting back and in this case, letting someone else present something to us.

With your eyes shut, begin to allow images, sensations and feelings to come to you and wash over you. Don’t judge them, let go of any reaction to them, just allow yourself to observe them as they come and go. How do they make your heart or belly feel? These are our intuitive sensor centers, so focus only on how these two areas react to the guidance you are receiving. When the message is finished and you have stopped sensing, pause and begin to take note of what you felt. How did these images, sounds, waves or impressions make you FEEL? Therein lies your answer, although it may take you a few days to figure out what the message means for you. Have patience and be gentle with yourself as you go through this process; it will take some time to learn this new form of communication and be able to decipher what message your heart and solar plexus have taken in.

Opening a dialogue with your Guides, Angels or Universal Guidance can take a bit of effort, but it is certainly possible to achieve. Just as when you interact with a new friend, coworker, pet, or even the grocery clerk, they know your “shorthand” or what you really want, without you being specific of your needs. For instance, if you told a friend to get you “something sparkly” for a gift, and they show up with a sequined jacket instead of the bracelet you had in mind, you know you haven’t been specific enough.

The Universe reacts in the same way; if you are looking for love, but ask merely for a “date”, your friend could call and ask you to the movies, or your Ex might call. Its the Universe’s way of saying, “is this what you meant?”

A good way to guide the Universe in honing in on what you desire is by giving strong feedback. This guides Universal forces more easily to what we desire throughout the manifestation process. And it *is* a process, as we all know. Recently I heard a great response that I have adopted to my own creative process. Whenever I am manifesting a new desire, each time I receive a message, sign or piece that gets me closer to my goal, I say out loud, “Yes! Thank you, more please!” with great enthusiasm. Gratitude is a powerful and key force in manifesting, and the “more please” is a strong guide to the Universe and keeps that creative energy flowing.

What if the “sign” is not what I am asking for, or is way off the mark? I simply say aloud, gently, “no, thank you,” and dismiss the thought. The less time a thought takes up space in our mind, the less energy it contains, and the less likely it will be drawn to us. So be specific and have great enthusiasm for each step on the way to that goal.

Lastly, remember that YOU are a Divine Light Being filled with infinite possibility and potential. It is your birthright to create here on the Earth plane, and to do so with joy. There is endless possibility available to everyone out there, so keep your heart and mind open to receive!

~ Owner, Sue Ustas

ZuZu’s Healing Arts

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