“Holding the Light”

December 29, 2013


During the holiday season, quite often it seems everyone is tense, perhaps even moreso than usual this year. It’s almost a quiet, reserved kind of tension, the way a teenager watches the clock on a friday afternoon in a schoolroom, counting down the moments until the bell rings and they are released. It seems we are also waiting for an end from this wide-spread tension, what with all the changes happening in the world, our government, and especially in our own individual lives, with all this uncertainty we are constantly seeking respite and yearning for inner peace.

Now more than ever, being present in the moment is crucial to our health and well-being. Ancient philosopher Lao Tzu said “if you are living in the past, you are depressed; if you are living in the future, you are anxious; and only if you live in the present will you find peace.” If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, and apply this theory, more often than not, you will find it makes sense. So if the key to finding peace in life is being present in the moment, just how do we do that?

In the season of winter, we traditionally prepare for shorter days and longer periods of darkness. As humans, we are beings of light, and need it to thrive. But more than just sunlight, here I am talking about the inner light of peace. A light that cannot be bought or sold, but must be found within our own hearts. How do we achieve this inner light of peace? How will I even know when I feel that way? Think back to a moment in your life when you were truly happy, I mean you needed nothing else than what you were experiencing in that moment. Perhaps it made you feel safe; loved; supported; strong; capable; and that you had not another care in the world. That is a perfect way to describe inner peace. When we allow our hearts to be filled so that we want for nothing, even just for a moment, it allows us to feel safe, supported and even loved. It’s a feeling that, if we allow it to, can radiate out from us and affect others around us.

So this holiday season, and this winter, I call on each one of us to do our part to spark that inner candle, to “hold the light” with moments of peace. It’s ok if you can only hold that feeling for a few moments at first – it will get easier the more you practice. By holding that light within ourselves, we share the vibration of peace with everyone we come in contact with. And while we may not see instant reactions in those around us, know that the energy and vibration you individually emit absolutely affects everyone you come close to…so not only are you improving your own life when you choose to “hold the light”, but you are also a beautiful inspiration to others to do the same. I hope you will join me in “holding the light”…

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