Holding your “own”

October 25, 2012

Lately at ZuZu’s people have been stopping in – regular customers and new ones – to look around and pause to “soak up the good, peaceful energy”. While we have heard this before, now we hear it daily. Between figuring out which phase of the Moon it is, Mercury in and out of retrograde, and the presidential election nearing, it seems like there’s more chaos and negativity in the atmosphere lately than before. When you think of the phrase, ‘energy follows thought’, which almost all spiritual/peace leaders have quoted in one form or another, it’s no surprise that there’s a bit more animosity in the air than usual these days. Most political campaigns are based on mud-slinging and finger-pointing, and when this negativity is heard over and over and over again from our televisions, radios and newspapers, it’s no wonder we’re all feeling the effects of it.

Holding your “own” or personal energetic vibration while being bombarded with lower vibrational words and thoughts can be quite challenging. While we can’t avoid *some* form of exposure (without pretty much shutting ourselves inside), we can start to practice a few simple exercises that will help to combat all this negativity. Here are some tips:
1. Drink water with lemon or lemon herbal tea – flushing the body with good quality water helps clear your energy as well as the physical body, and the lemon helps boost that effect.
2. Shut off the TV or Radio – if there’s a program you want to watch, fine, but mute the political ads so you aren’t bombarded with all the negativity. Pick up a book or engage in a household activity without “white noise”…you’d be surprised what comes up when you give your inner voice a chance to be heard.
3. Take part in activities that make you laugh out loud – you’ve heard “laughter is the best medicine”, well it is! When you laugh a good belly-laugh, you are enjoying the benefits Sound Healing, because from the inside-out, laughter raises your personal vibration long enough to allow a conscious shift.
4. Eat healthier – if you know you’re headed to work, a restaurant or someone else’s home where you have no control over the space, make an effort to eat healthy throughout the day, and while there. It will help strengthen your personal vibration and lend support to energetically holding your own space.
5. Take a BREAK – whatever you’re doing, take a 2-minute break to shut out the world around you and just breathe. Even if all you can manage is just to lock the bathroom door, by stopping your activity and focusing on your breath, it puts you in the present moment. Take a deep breath in, pause, and when you exhale, send it down through your torso, legs, and out the bottoms of your feet. If you can do this outdoors, even better. Just focus your attention on one object, no matter how insignificant, for 60 seconds, and breathe. This will center and ground you, which helps you hold your space.
6. Keep crystals with or near you – Crystals are the most perfect form of matter, and carry a powerful vibration that is also perfect. By carrying them, holding them or keeping several in your environment, you can help support and strengthen your own personal vibration throughout the day.
7. Make an effort to verbalize positive experiences, not just complain or get things “off your chest” – Stop and think for a moment how it makes you feel when you spend a length of time complaining about something. Remember, energy follows thought, so if you’re talking with negativity, you’re feeding negativity; so be careful to choose more positive topics or to try not to be judgemental when you disagree.
8. Get out of your own way – When you feel overwhelmed or stressed, many times we want to just sit on the couch or pull up the covers. Instead, reach out to a family member or friend, or get up and out for a short walk or for an activity that you enjoy. If you know you’re having a hard time finding balance, schedule positive activities in your life such as social outings, classes, meditation or yoga, something that you know you enjoy, and do it!

Remember that it’s a process; none of us have it down pat, no matter how graceful we may appear. Be kind to yourself throughout this process; anyone who knows me can attest to my love-hate relationship with silence 🙂 so no, it’s not always easy, but keep at it, ’cause when it clicks, it sure is amazing.

These are just a few quick suggestions to help you re-focus and hold your personal vibration to a more positive level. Our job is not to save the world single-handed; each person must choose for themselves what they will be, or become. However, I’m a big believer of the power of inspiration, and by doing your part to raise your own vibration, by working to hold that space, you are making it easier for those around you to do the same thing, which in the long run makes the world a happier, healthier place!

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