Letting Go, Grounding and Centered

September 5, 2013


You’re probably wondering where we’ve been…well, just like the rest of you, we try to make time to “play” in the summer, but along with that, we have certainly been experiencing some major shifts that while greatly anticipated, the aftershocks have been, well…challenging to say the least. While we were all aware this year was bringing many changes, it unfortunately didn’t make some of them any easier. And while lately it seems like just as you’re getting used to the idea of one change, another one occurs.

What can I say? Personally, if I had a nickle for each time I’ve heard “well, at least you’re not alone, everyone’s affected by these changes”, I’d be able to spend a few weeks in Hawaii. Ok, maybe not a few weeks, but I would at least be able to buy a few rounds of umbrella drinks for everyone! Kidding aside, the two powerful galactic gateways that opened up this summer ushered in massive amounts of change, and not quite far enough apart for us to settle down from the first shockwave. These were able to bring in and anchor higher frequencies of LOVE vibrations here on the planet…I know what you’re thinking – so where is the love?!

Having an adventurous spirit, I typically welcome change, looking at it as the great unknown and imagining exciting new opportunities. But while I was excited anticipating the first gateway, by the time the second one rolled around I found myself confused, frustrated, isolated and fearful…sort of like the first day of high school all over again, but on a global level…ugh!

After trying many of my standard ways to ground, center and ‘connect’ spiritually – and failing miserably, mind you – I realized that things had changed…now on some level, I already knew this, but I did not anticipate the vibrational changes to force me to find completely new ways to connect, ground and center. So I spent time in the woods…and by the ocean…and meditating…and journaling…and with crystals…and sage, and anything else I could think of, but nothing was working. What else could I do, but surrender to the present moment and just BE.

In that moment of surrender, I let go of any and all preconceived notions about how I understood this world. I simply observed, and allowed the present moment – and my new reality – to re-introduce themselves, and spent a few weeks getting to know them as a completely new presence.

While I haven’t uncovered the deep, dark secrets of the universe, I have found it easier to ground, center and connect in this new frequency. I encourage each of you to make time to do the same, and to surrender, fully, by opening your hearts and minds to ideas and ways of doing things that perhaps in the past you may not have considered. Lastly, do not be afraid to go within. For me, these gateways have opened up new doorways within me; from my heart to my chakras to individual organs/body parts. Your experience will be individual and unique – it’s no longer about “this is how it’s done”, it’s now about finding your own pathway to experience your spiritual connection with the divine…no matter how you get there, even if it’s through your big toe – but only while holding a sneaker in your left hand. There is no wrong way, there’s just your way, and only you can find that out.

Know that at ZuZu’s we are here to support your journey, and we have kept the galactic frequency shifts and feedback from you in mind while choosing our new products, classes, workshops and events. We hope that you will come take advantage of the many different gifts and services we have to offer, ranging from our $5 meditations to $400 crystals, we have something for everyone, no matter where you are on your journey, we are here for you, cheering you onward, always.

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