The Monster At the End of the Book

June 18, 2013


Here we are on the verge of summer with the solstice just around the corner (6/21). The summer solstice symbolizes the light of our consciousness shining more brightly in our awareness (think ‘spiritual brightness’). The sun ‘fires up’ our passions and heats up our hearts to the potential of life. In summer, we experience days with longer hours of sunlight, which stimulates our bodies, minds and hearts into creative action. Aside from the logic of the Vitamin D the sun provides our physical bodies, each of us can attest to truly feeling more energized or more joyful on a bright, sunny summer day. How will you choose to express this inspiration?

With all the energy shifts we have been experiencing lately, we are given the opportunity to make changes in ourselves and our lives. Combine the current energies with the passion and enthusiasm that the summer sun brings, and you have the gift of amazing amounts of energetic support to be successful at solidifying those changes. I know, change can be scary. However, if we can acknowledge the fact that life is a series of never-ending cycles, we can realize that in truth we are constantly in the process of change, from celebrating birthdays each year to having to upgrade our technology to the latest model. So why are some of us still so resistant to change?

As human beings, we are creatures of comfort; we prefer the familiar. Some of us will go to extreme measures to avoid change – even though in the process will change other areas of our lives to avoid the one change we are most fearful of…like staying with a partner to avoid the stress of looking for a new one…accepting career stagnation to avoid looking for a new job…or simply refusing to try a new style, look, diet or hobby for fear of failure.

Last month I talked about being able to laugh at yourself as being an important skill to cultivate. In being able to change our perspective on how we view ourselves or an experience, we take the power of that experience into our own hands. By doing so, we give ourselves the opportunity to breathe, step back, view the event from a safe distance – which gives us the ability to view it from different angles – and then *decide* how we want to process the experience. At any moment, you have the power and the ability to decide how you will be affected by the challenges you experience in life. Being able to move through your emotions (energy-in-motion) does not mean you are heartless; it simply means you allowed yourself to honor your feelings, process the emotions and situation, learn from it, and move forward.

In facing fears, I often refer back to a book from childhood – Sesame Street’s “The Monster at the end of this book” starring Grover. I loved it as a kid, but refer back to its lesson all the time as an adult, especially to myself when I’m going through a challenging time. The book starts with Grover realizing the title of the book, and expressing his fears about getting to the end of the book, where there is a monster, of which he is terribly afraid. As the book progresses, he tries all kinds of silly and extreme stunts, from appealing to our sensitive side to building brick walls, to get us to not turn another page, getting closer to facing his fear…sound familiar?

We often go to those same extreme measures to avoid facing our own fears or challenges that promise changes to our lives. Spoiler alert – at the end of the book, Grover realizes that the monster at the end of the book was HIM, and that there was never anything to be afraid of in the first place. Hmmm…perhaps Grover’s mind (Ego) took over and built up the image of the monster, creating a fearful IDEA, instead of an actual truth. Sound familiar again?

Remember that challenges or changes bring the opportunity for growth and learning, which is essentially why we are here. So the next time change flirts with  you or interrupts your day, instead of immediately going into fight-or-flight mode, think of Grover…and perhaps you will laugh your way around your Ego as it tries to appeal to your sensitive side or convince you to build a wall.

Now, at ZuZu’s for the rest of June we have some interesting offerings for you – we welcome a new Tarot Reader, Jennifer Chapman, to our psychic reader lineup and hope you will stop in to see what she has to offer. Jennifer is an intuitive counselor who uses the ancient wisdom of the tarot to empower her clients in every area of their lives. She works with the archetypal energies of the tarot to provide expanded awareness and compassionate guidance to those who seek clarity and peace. Jennifer’s next available date is Saturday, June 29th 11-5pm.

Please note that Florence will be available for Tarot readings friday 6/14 12-5pm and saturday 6/15 11-4pm, call us to schedule an appointment at 781-665-8844.

We also welcome back Nicole Lahousse of Magik, LLC on Saturday, June 29th for private healing sessions 11-3pm and then an interesting workshop on Spoon Bending 4:30-7:30pm. You can read more about either of these on our website at

Please also note we will be CLOSED on Saturday June 22nd and Tuesday June 25th. We will reopen on Wednesday June 26th at 11am. I also want to share that I will be coming out of my sabbatical at the end of June and will be available for private reading appointments beginning in July. Please contact me directly through the shop or watch our website for my scheduled dates.

Now – on to the fantastic details of our upcoming expo on July 14th! Enjoy!
See you soon…
In gratitude,
Sue Ustas

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