The “Sole” Responsibilities of the “Soul” Journey

October 31, 2013

I often speak to individuals in the store about how we are in the process of our “Soul” journey. Having just returned from a vacation to Florida, I was reminded while on a ride in Epcot that human life is all about evolution…from cavemen to telephones, airplanes to computers and cell phones, we are constantly working to find easier and better ways to get things done. It is part of our nature to evolve, to grow. Yet in each era, we find ourselves fighting this process on some level, and allowing fear to creep in.

With all the recent changes in our government and the news it can be difficult to stay centered or find inner peace. However, if we can find a way to slow down and even pause, look at or go out and be IN nature, we will realize that we are currently supported by the energy of this fall season and can take some cues from it to make things less frustrating. First, pay attention to the leaves, and how they are blazing such brilliant and beautiful colors…take a few moments to simply observe, and breathe. These colors resonate with our solar plexus (stomach) and our sacral (groin) chakras; our power places of WILL and CREATION. As you observe the leaves you are likely to see some fall off the tree and dance on the air until they finally hit the ground. Allow yourself to be at peace with the idea of death, loss and rebirth. For nothing is truly lost, it is merely changing and being reborn into another form, as energy cannot be destroyed.

Remember that change is typically a bumpy ride, no matter how small or large the change may be. Learning new ways to do things or view things we have been familiar with can be challenging, but eventually each of us finds their own rhythm and way of adapting. It is when we let fear carry us further away from our center that we begin the “but then, and what if” game, which only fuels the vehicle that is fear. Do your best to be and stay in the present moment when things get overwhelming.

So know that while change on a larger level, (i.e., government, society) can cause a large amount of people to be frustrated, angry and frightened at the same time, if we each do our part to breathe, center and consciously move through these changes we will be making an impact in shifting the mass energy of fear and anger that currently surrounds us.

As I mentioned before, we are on a “Soul” journey, but now is the time to realize this is also a “Sole” journey. We each have our own lessons to learn, and while we absolutely need comfort, support and assistance from others, we must learn these lessons as individuals to evolve. As each of us learns, stretches and grows on this journey, we have the opportunity to show others how to be brave, that it’s ok to make mistakes, and that you learn by doing, trying, moving forward.

For as individuals leading/teaching by example, the loudest message is sent, showing others that they too can be empowered to step out of the fear vehicle. Remember always that you have the power to create change in your own life, and the ability to hold your own space and be centered through life changes and challenges. Once you have acknowledged your “Sole” responsibility, you will find your “Soul” journey a richer and much deeper experience.

We are all here together, so it’s important we each do our own part. Remember that ZuZu’s is here to help support your journey, with classes, products, readings, or simply a friendly person to listen when you need it. We’re on your side, and we are definitely cheering for you!

Sue Ustas
ZuZu’s Healing Arts

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